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U.S. M-Series Bayonets - For 1903 Springfield and M1 Garand Rifles

MPN: M-Series-Bayonet


M1905 and M1 US Bayonets, designed for 1903 Springfield and M1 Garand Rifles
Grips vary, wood and plastic. Various manufacturers.
The M1905 bayonet blade is 16 inches long, and designed for the 1903 Springfield rifle. The bayonet also fits the .30 caliber U.S. M1 Garand rifle. In 1942, the same bayonet design, equipped with a plastic instead of a wood handle, began production.

In 1943, the U.S. Army decided to shorten the bayonet design. The M1 Bayonet was designed to be used with the .30 caliber M1 Garand with a blade 10 inches long. Many of the M1905 were recalled, had their blades cut down to 10 inches, and were reissued, however 1905's continued service in the Pacific Theater as counter to the much longer Japanese Type 30 sword bayonet on the already very long Arisaka rifle.


Additional 16" or 10" steel blade plastic or wood grip M1905 or M1 bayonet
Country of Manufacture United States
License Requirement None
Manufacturer US Mfg
Mfg. Part Number M-Series-Bayonet
Caliber/Gauge No
Action No
Barrel Length N/A
Barrel Twist N/A
Barrel Bore Type N/A
Barrel Finish N/A
Barrel Fluting N/A
Barrel Profile N/A
Mount Type N/A
Beam Color N/A
Firearm Fit N/A
Threaded Barrel No
Condition New
Free Shipping No

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