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Introducing Bear Creek Arsenal

So Just Who Is Bear Creek Arsenal ….  Here’s The Story…

Bear Creek Arsenal is owned and Operated by the Moore Family.
They have a long history here in our North Carolina not only as master machinist but as shooters, armorers and craftsmen.

Until now Bear Creek has been mostly known behind the scenes in the firearms community for making custom barrels, complex receivers,  and high end private label rifle parts for builders across the country.

More recently, their sister company , Moore’s Machine, introduced a base level AR-15 to the market.  This is a rifle that we carried for a while, stopped carrying, and then re-introduced after extensive testing and becoming comfortable with their new found level of consistent quality. After being re-introduced, they were a huge success…

Recently, in their ongoing effort to produce the finest rifle possible, the Moore family has taken the entire MMC operation and moved it to there dedicated custom facility at their Bear Creek Arsenal location.
At Bear Creek Arsenal each rifle is built from the ground up on dedicated equipment and under the direct oversight and quality control of the Moore family.  

Since we re-introduced the MMC rifles in late 2013 the quality has always been good, but now under the new Bear Creek Arsenal banner we think it is even better.

Buyers will notice a nicer finish, smoother lines, higher quality markings, and a more professional fit and finish than ever before.
They feed as smooth as glass and the accuracy rivals that of many custom guns…

We are convinced that these are the best bang for the rifle buck of any gun in America… 

For Shooters, By Shooters, That Is Bear Creek Arsenal…..