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We've Got Beretta 81 Mags! + Unboxing
We've Got Beretta 81 Mags! + Unboxing
06:14 | 4 years ago

Beretta Model 81 Magazine 12 Round, Original Equipment Manufacture, .32 ACP Caliber, Used, Surplus Good Condition - All Steel, Black



Used Police turn in magazines for the Beretta Model 81 and Model 81BB pistol. Original Equipment Magazines as issued with the Beretta Model 81 and Model 81 BB pistols. 32 ACP Caliber, 12 Round Capacity. Surplus Good Condition. Fits all Beretta Cheetah Series Pistols in .32 ACP Caliber including the Model 81, 81B, and 81BB models. These came from the same European Police Arsenals where Model 81 pistols were obtained and will complement the Model 81 Pistols perfectly.

See extended description for more details.

What A Find, What A Find, What A Find..... And it is a find made even sweeter because until the day they landed on our dock we were not 100% sure that it was going to happen. Check this out.... These are used, police turn in, original issue mags for the Beretta Mod 81 and Model 81 BB Pistols. The availability of the Beretta Model 81 surplus pistols have without a doubt been the hottest surplus offering of the past year. The upside to the Model 81 pistol is amazing and virtually everyone who has purchased one has been well satisfied with their accuracy and function,as well as how easy they are to carry and shoot. In fact, the only complaint we ever heard was that extra mags were hard to get which was a valid complaint because until now they were very hard to come by. Well, having the guns we knew that we needed to do all that we could to find extra mags...

Boy, let me tell you that was no easy task. We searched high and low leaning on every source and shaking every tree. It was an exhaustive effort but the payoff was worth it. What we were ultimately able to obtain were the same generation mags that originally came with the pistols. These were in a European Country in a Police Arsenal having been separated from the pistols somewhere along the way. Mags are not new so they will show some scratches and bluing wear but they are extremely functional and should closely duplicate the magazine received with the pistol. Mags are used surplus, original equipment manufactured to the Beretta Cheetah series Model 81 or Model 81BB. .32 ACP Caliber, Surplus Good Condition, Black. Expect some surface wear in regard to bluing etc.... but overall a nice functional manufacturer correct mag for your Beretta Model 81.

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Additional Beretta Model 8 or 81BB Used / Surplus Good Condition .32 ACP 12 Round All Steel Construction Black
Country of Manufacture No
License Requirement None
Manufacturer Mixed
Mfg. Part Number BER-81-MAG
Action No
Barrel Length No
Barrel Twist No
Barrel Bore Type No
Barrel Finish No
Barrel Fluting No
Barrel Profile No
Mount Type No
Beam Color No
Firearm Fit No
Threaded Barrel No
Condition Surplus / Used
Free Shipping No

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