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S&W M&P & Glock LEO Pistol Unboxing
S&W M&P & Glock LEO Pistol Unboxing
17:23 | 1 year ago
Police Trade-In Glock Unboxing
Police Trade-In Glock Unboxing
14:42 | 1 year ago
We Got GLOCK Trade-ins. Own One Carried By A Police Officer
We Got GLOCK Trade-ins. Own One Carried By A Police Officer
11:41 | 3 years ago

Glock 22 Gen 4 Law Enforcement Trade-In .40 S&W, All Austrian Made, NRA Surplus Good to Excellent Used Condition,1-15 Round Mag

MPN: HG4490  |  UPC: ITM1116


Nice Lot of Police Trade-In Glock 22 Gen 4 Pistols in .40S&W with 1 Factory 15-round Mag. These firearms are used and most will show some carry wear but all are in at least Good Condition but we also have many that are in Very Good or even Excellent Condition. Expect to see some finish rub and holster wear but certainly, all are very functional nice pistols, with the excellent condition guns looking darn close to new. Pistols were received as turned in by the officers so while most are decked out as factory issued, some may still contain upgrades from the individual officer such as a grip sleeve or aftermarket sights. They did not all come from the same departments so some of these pistols have night sights while others have standard sights, the sights you get will be luck of the draw. If you receive a pistol with night sights, we make no guarantee for the remaining life of the brightness in the sights, however, they are Gen 4 models so are a fairly recent generation in terms of overall production dates.  Each pistol comes complete with 1-15 round factory mag.  Some pistols will ship in an original Glock factory case, ( if that is the way it came to us ) though we DO NOT guarantee one.






.40 S&W


Semi Automatic

Barrel Length



Surplus / Used



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