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Meals Ready To Eat, U.S. Military Surplus, Humanitarian Daily Ration, Random Menu, 2 Servings Per Pack, Complete Meals, 10 Fema Packs Per Case

MPN: HDR-MRE-CASE  |  UPC: 8970013750516
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These are actual U.S. Military Issue Overrun Humanitarian and Relief Meals Ready To Eat Food Packages. They have an inspection date of 05/2023 or newer and a shelf life of 10 years or more if stored properly. Made in the USA by Sopacko - Authentic USGI Rations Ready To Eat. (1) Case of 10 Meals-Ready-to-Eat. Each MRE contains 2 servings in each bag for a total of 20 servings per case- composed of 5 delicious meal varieties Inspection date: 05/2023 or newer (MREs do not have an expiration date) U.S. military and FEMA issue, made in USA Fully cooked and ready to eat Reduced sodium for a healthier diet Units have been stored in a temperature controlled, cool, low humidity environment Every meal includes an entrée, side dishes, seasoning packet, utensil, and napkin. Meal kit contents could be different than the listed items. Ideal for survival situations, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, and emergency food supply. Long, Stable Shelf Life. Designed for maximum endurance and nutrition with an average of 2200 calories per meal. Bundle Description: 2 servings in each Bag Expiration Date: Inspection Date of 05/23 or newer, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States Number of Servings: 20 Servings per Case Shelf Life: Minimum 5 Years Item Weight: 2.4 lbs per bag Course: Full meal Main Ingredient: Varies Per Meal Brand: SOPAKCO, WORNICK OR AMERIQUAL Flavor: 5 Different Labelled Menus Type: Ready-To-Eat These HDRs contain ingredients that are acceptable to wider range of consumers with dietary restrictions. Complementary components are also included to provide the balance of the daily nutritional requirements that call for not less than 2200 calories, broken down as 10-13% protein, 27-30% fat, and not less than 60% carbohydrates. A spoon and a non-alcohol based moist towelette are the only non-food components in the meal bag. How to eat it: The entire meal is ready to eat. The entrees may be eaten cold, however, generally are more desirable when heated. The entree package may be immersed in hot water or placed in a pot for heating over flame. - Please Note: Unlike regular military MREs, these HDRs do not include a flameless heater unit Each case comes sealed with 10 complete full-day rations, we cannot guarantee which specific meals will be included - Note - Each pack contains 2 servings with 10 packs per case which equals 20 servings per case. We sell these by the 10-pack Case.

The manufacturer can be Sopakco, Wornick, or Ameriqual
-Each HDR MRE provides an average of 2,200 calories (10-13% protein, 27-30% fat, and 60% carbohydrates).
-Each package is brand new factory sealed with 2 Entrees, Side Dshes, Dessert/Snacks, Crackers or Bread, and an Accessory Pack Containing Utensils, Gum, Napkin/Towelette, and Seasonings like Salt, Pepper, or Sugar.
-Properly stored, these meals can last 10+ years. Perfect for Hiking, Camping, Emergencies, Prepping, etc.

Country of Manufacture United States
License Requirement None
Manufacturer US Contractor
Mfg. Part Number HDR-MRE-CASE
UPC 8970013750516
Caliber/Gauge No
Action No
Barrel Length No
Barrel Twist No
Barrel Bore Type No
Barrel Finish No
Barrel Fluting No
Barrel Profile No
Mount Type No
Beam Color No
Firearm Fit No
Threaded Barrel No
Condition New
Free Shipping No

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