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The Best Surplus M1 Carbines We've Seen👀
The Best Surplus M1 Carbines We've Seen👀
12:39 | 3 years ago

M1 Carbine .30 Caliber, Semi-Auto, Original U.S. Military Rifle, - Refurbished To V.G., Excellent Condition, Standard Products Mfg.- C & R Eligible

MPN: M1 Carbine-STD-REF  |  UPC: ITM411676


What a great get. These are original military contract, WWII era M1-Carbine rifles that have been either lightly or fully refurbished by our friends at James River Armory. We are selling them by manufacturer code and the ones being sold under this SKU have the manufacturing stamp Standard Products. This group of rifles was manufactured for the war effort by the Standard Products Manufacturing company based in Port Clinton Ohio. Std Products made a total of 247,160 carbines. Standard Products was founded around 1930 By a physician turned inventor,  Dr. James Sims Reid. Dr, Reid's first automotive invention was an improved gas for which he marketed thru his own Easy-on-Cap Co. His experiments with steel tape led to patents for flexible window channels and other automotive products. His contribution to the auto industry was such that by 1954, all cars made in the U.S. contained at least one of Standard's products, and some had as many as fifty. During WWII Standard Products received a contract to produce M-1 Carbines. Rifles have and are being sold under their original serial numbers and have not been importer re-marked. 

These were original WWII Era M1 Carbine rifles that were stored overseas for years before recently being re-imported back into the United States. All of these rifles have had all of their metal components fully re-blued back to a 100% metal finish. However, some of the stocks were candidates for a full refinish, while others were not, so in some cases the stocks were fully refurbished and in other cases, they were only de-greased and lightly refurbished. While all of the metal surfaced have been re-blued back to as close to the original finish as possible there will be some variances in the stocks and the wood even in terms of color and grain and some will be cosmetically more attractive than others. As such, we are offering a hand select option as well.

See video for details and a more complete description of each below.  



US Mfg


.30 Carbine


Semi Automatic


Surplus / Used



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