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The Best Surplus M1 Carbines We've Seen👀
The Best Surplus M1 Carbines We've Seen👀
12:39 | 3 years ago

M1 Carbine .30 Caliber, Semi-Auto, Original U.S. Military Issued - WW2 Configuration, Refurbished To Excellent Condition - Inland Manufacture - C & R

MPN: M1 Carbine  |  UPC: ITM956812


What a great get. These are original military contract, WWII era M1-Carbine rifles that have been fully refurbished by our friends at James River Armory. We are selling them by manufacturer code and the ones being sold under this SKU are made by the Inland Division of General Motors.  We feel very honored to be able to offer this lot. Particularly in this condition. Rifles have and are being sold under their original serial numbers and have not been importer re-marked. These were original WWII Era M1 Carbine rifles that were stored overseas for years before recently being re-imported back into the United States. All of these rifles have had all of their metal components fully re-blued back to a 100% metal finish. The stocks were fully refurbished and/or replaced with new original stocks as well. While all of the metal surfaced have been re-blued back to as close to the original finish as possible there will be some variances in the stocks and the wood even in terms of color and grain and some will be cosmetically more attractive than others. As such, we are offering a hand-select option as well. Note, these are early pre-war/ WW II era guns in their original configuration and they are extremely collectible. As such, each of these fine rifles ships in a hard case for maximum protection. 
Continue reading below for more information on the World War II Configuration Model. 

More about the WW II Configuration Rifles

As originally issued from 1942 to early 1945, the M1 Carbine was manufactured in the U.S. with a non-adjustable flip sight and had no provision for a bayonet. Nearly all photographs of U.S. troops during World War II will show this configuration. Classic Firearms acquired this small lot of rifles which
appear to have been given to a U.S. ally after the war and were never “upgraded”. These rare guns were issued almost 80 years ago. Starting late in 1944, an adjustable rear sight was developed and appeared on late production Inland and Winchester carbines. The bayonet lug came out in 1945 and the
belief is that none of these variations made it into combat before the war ended. Immediately after the war, virtually every M1 Carbine remaining in U.S. inventory was rebuilt at various arsenals to include the adjustable sight, bayonet lug and the flip safety. Historians estimate that over 95 percent of M1 Carbines
were rebuilt, leaving very few in the “as originally built” condition. This original configuration is highly valued by collectors and over the years a limited supply has been available. It is unlikely that another lot like these rifles will be found.

The original manufacturing process for the M1 Carbine is impressive. Almost seven million were built in less than three years by eleven contractors. Additionally, hundreds of small companies received contracts to supply parts to the eleven main producers. Except for Winchester, which developed the
rifle, none of the production companies had any previous firearm manufacturing experience, yet they produced one of the most part-interchangeable firearms ever developed. As issued, the M1 Carbine would have parts with various metal finishes. Bolts, bands, and pins were normally blued, while the action
was parkerized in a zinc phosphate solution. James River Armory has closely duplicated the original finish to return these rifles to how they appeared during World War II. The stocks are original and have been meticulously refinished and restamped with the appropriate marking used during the war.
James River Armory kept each rifle’s parts together.

 See video for details and a more complete description of each below.  



US Mfg


.30 Carbine


Semi Automatic


Surplus / Used



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