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Looking for Mosin Nagants for sale individually? Check out these pieces:


ATI Mosin Nagant Scope Mount and Bolt Handle - In Stock!

Scope your Mosin Nagant rifle and give it the long range accuracy it deserves.

Mosin Nagant Ammo 7.62x54R - In Stock!

Original Russian Surplus Ammo - 440rd Can or 880rd Case


Russian M44 Mosin Nagant Carbine Rifle - Sold Out!

Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant PU Sniper Rifle with Scope - Sold Out!

Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle 7.62x54R - Sold Out!


Mosin Nagant M91/30 Rifles by the Crate - Sold Out! 

We are being told there are no more of these coming into the country due to the conflict in Russia and the imposed sanctions.

* Coupon codes are not eligible to be used on these

Ordering by the crate is easy.  Here's how:

Simply e-mail us at and provide the following info...


1.  The number of crates you would like to order (20 Mosin Nagant Rifles per rate).

2.  The number of crates of ammo you would like (2 spam cans per crate - 880 rounds total).  

3.  The zip code for the FFL or C&R licensee to which the order will be shipped.  Local pick-up available, let us know if you'd like that option. 

  Once the above info has been received we will email you an order total for your confirmation.

Here's The Deal

Are you a Nagant Lover ?

Do you like to Open Sealed Rifle Crates and See What's inside ?

Do you like to Stack Em Deep and Sell Em Cheap ?

 If you have answered yes to any of these questions have we got a deal for you.

M91-30 Rifles Straight From the Crate

When we have crated rifles in stock they are always one of our most popular sellers. Folks love to buy them in the crates and we understand why.   They come to you exactly like they were packed for storage in the Arsenals of Mother Russia.
Each crate of these rifles ( as you can see below ) comes to us with 20 M91-30 Rifles in it along with the matching bayonets in most instances.   Also, there are typically some Tula rifles ( not always but typically, and sometimes several ) in each crate. When we sell the rifles individually we make a $20.00 up charge for Tulas but if they are purchased by the crate you get any Tulas that may happen to be there at no extra charge.

We sell 91-30 rifles by the crate to numerous dealers and they tell us that their customers just swarm around the crates to pick the rifles they want.
Typically there are a mixture of manufacturers, both Tula and Ishezsk, and dates. No telling what you will find. All crates are sold as is and unchanged by us.
You get what is there. This is a great deal.  Total of 20 rifles and bayonets shipped in a hinged lid wooden crate.

Crates have wooden dividers that the rifles rest in to protect the rifles and keep them from rubbing against each other.


Note: These rifles are mostly round receivers, but most crates will typically contain a few hex receivers as well (though we make no guarantees).  These rifle were Arsenal refinished post war and stored in an obscure Russian arsenal since the mid 1970s and thus have not been cherry picked like so many seen on the market today.  We have seen a few force matched floor plates or buttplates, but every rifle we have seen has a matching bolt and receiver.  All rifles will ship in a crate with matching bayonets and typically (no guarantees) a mixture of manufacturers (both Tula and Ishevsk).  If you are a retailer or gun show dealer, this is a great way to buy, stock, and display these rifles.  This is also a great opportunity for collectors to purchase these rifles and store away as an investment as one thing is certainly clear - the prices on these rifle is on the rise and we do not see that changing.  These are really nice condition rifles.

Total of 20 rifles and bayonets shipped in a hinged lid wooden crate.

Due to the volume and shipping involved we do not offer "By the Crate" purchases through online ordering. These rifles must go truck line and we have a nice discount with our carrier that we will gladly pass on to you.
Please email your order as requested at top of page
Hurry, quantities are limited!

In the past these rifles have shipped with slings and pouches...
This shipment did not come with these accessories and we are told any subsequent shipments may be hit or miss on accessories. The Russians are simply coming to the end of the line on these rifles and their stockpiles of accessories have dwindled. This shipment however does still contain the bayonets and cleaning kits. 

On the bright side, this has been a beautiful shipment of rifles and overall has had an above normal number of highly desireable rifles mixed into the crates.  

What About The Ammunition?
Remember - If you are ordering a crate of rifles anyway, it is a great time to stock up on ammo. Adding cases of ammo to a pallet already going truck line adds little to the shipping and is a great way to save money while you stock up. 

The Best Ammo Deal on the finest Quality 7.62x54r Ammo Anywhere Is Right Here

We currently have in stock both Russian and Bulgarian manufactured Sniper Grade 149 Grain Penetrator Light Ball 7.62x54r Ammunition.  This is Original Bulgarian or Russian Military 7.62x54R 149gr. Silver Tip Ammunition.  This ammo is mixed in our warehouse and since it is virtually identical we will ship whichever one is most accessable at the time.  Again, it is virtually identical in both appearance and function and the ballistic properties are the same on both the Russian and the Bulgarian. 

This ammo was all maunfactured in the 70's and 80's in Russia and Bulgaria. It all contains the silver tip 149 grain Boat Tail bullet. The projectile in this ammunition is unique in that it has a steel shank in the center of the projectile beneath an exterior coating of lead that is bonded to the bullet jacket. This allows the projectile to stabilize in flight and provide the accuracy and penetration of a steel core round while not being harsh on the barrel or bore as is the case with a full steel core.   It is the absolute best of both worlds.  Also, the Boat Tail Bullet is more aerodynamic and allows for a flatter trajectory and greater accuracy over a long distance.

This ammo has a copper washed steel case and is berdan primed. The case neck and the primer are sealed for moisture protection. It comes packed in 20 round military packs, 440 rounds per sealed spam can. As with most surplus 54r ammo this ammunition does have some mildly corrosive components so remember to clean your weapon after firing.

Ammo comes packaged 440rds to a sealed "spam" can, and 880rds ( 2 cans ) to a wooden crate as pictured. We sell by the can or by the crate. Each crate (2 spam cans) only comes with one can opener so only crate orders will receive a can opener. 

If you want to order this fine ammunition with your rifles just tell your operator.

Call 704-774-1102 to Order Now!