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Panzer Arms EGX500 Bullpup Shotgun - Kryptek Cerakoted 18,5" Barrel 12 GA Adjustable Gas System
Panzer Arms EGX500 Bullpup Shotgun - Kryptek Cerakoted 18,5" Barrel 12 GA Adjustable Gas System
01:35 | 1 year ago

Panzer Arms Semi-Automatic Bullpup Shotgun - Kryptek Black Cerakote - 18.5" Barrel 12 GA 3" Chamber, (2) 5 Round Magazines, Adjustable Gas System - EGX500BSKP

MPN: EGX500BSKP  |  UPC: 869325000085


Panzer Arms EGX500BSKP: Panzer Arms EGX500BSSB: The EGX500 is part of Panzer Arms Precision Tactical series. Its construction and design are intended for elite and competitive shooters while still being an excellent option for entry-level enthusiasts. Its features are unique and designed specifically for the bullpup platform, rather than just using standard features adapted from full-length firearms. The upper receiver is made from 7075 aluminum alloy for unmatched strength, durability, and a weight-to-stiffness ratio, along with a unique, reinforced polymer lower receiver that brings this shotgun to a comfortable 8.4 lb package that is only 30" in length while keeping the optimal ballistics of an 18.5" barrel. The EGX500 uses a fire control group explicitly designed to address the shortcomings typically associated with bullpup shotguns. The surprisingly short reset and clean break of the trigger make precision and accuracy easy to achieve, along with using an enlarged trigger guard for a wide range of hand sizes, grip styles, and while wearing gloves or not. The most desired and unique feature of the Precision Tactical series is the ability to adjust the gas system "on the fly” with a simple push or pull of a button.Now you can finally pick and choose what types and styles of ammunition you can cycle reliably, even while mixed in the same magazine. The ambidextrous gas system button allows you to change from standard to heavy loads and back mid-shot with a simple button push. This allows consistently reliable cycling,  far less felt recoil, and ease of accurate, repeat, and follow-up shots. The included 3-piece choke set is the Benelli-mobil style to take advantage of the vast array of ammunition options, from slug, buckshot, and birdshot, that this shotgun is designed to run flawlessly on. This platform has left- and right-handed shooters in mind with an ambidextrous charging handle, gas system button, and safety mechanism combined with an all-aluminum, right-side ejection port, and deflection shield. The versatility of this system is truly revolutionary and is at home in any competition event, tactical situation, or for an exciting range/field day.

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Panzer Arms


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Semi Automatic

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