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Pioneer Arms Polish Hellpup 5.56 Nato Caliber AK Pistol, Polymer, S/A, 11.73" Bbl, 1-30 Rd Magazine, F.T Model, Minor Cosmetic Blem - AK0031-FT-P-556-BLEM

MPN: AK0031-FT-P-556-BLEM  |  UPC: ITM1003992
$689 00

In Stock


Note - These pistols were purchased from Pioneer under a special Blem SKU due to the fact that they may have a minor cosmetic blemish in the tint of the bluing of the metal. Frankly, we can't see any difference with the naked eye in regards to these as opposed to their non-blemished firearms, but they say that under the right light, it can be seen in some of the guns in this run and therefore they are selling them under a separate code. Again, we are hard-pressed to find the blemish but we were not going to argue with a deal.... and we are passing the savings on to you. Other than a possible minor cosmetic blem in the tint of the bluing, or possibly some minor box rub on the furniture that can easily be polished out, these rifles are 100% perfect and still carry all warranties. This is a fantastic opportunity to save big $$$ on a really awesome AK platform pistol. Oh, and each of these ships with 1-30 round magazine as well. More about the Hellpup pistol. Polish Hellpup AK-47 5.56 Nato Caliber Pistol manufactured by Pioneer Arms in Radom Poland - These fine Polish AK-47 pistols chambered in the popular 5.56 Nato caliber are manufactured in the original Radom factory in Poland which is renowned for the quality of the AK rifles and pistols that they produce. Their bolts are smooth, and the rivet work is tremendous with the overall appearance, fit, and function representative of what you would expect from a premium-grade AK. This particular model features durable polymer furniture on the forearm, handguard, and pistol grip, as well as coming in the smoother shooting 5.56 Nato cartridge. The pistol features a proprietary Krinkov-style muzzle brake and accepts Pioneer Arms 5.56 Nato AK magazine. They are fully warranted by Pioneer Arms USA!  One of the best-built, highly reliable, and affordable AK platform pistols on the market today. This is the forged front trunnion model. Each pistol ships complete with 1 - 5.56 Nato 30-Round AK magazine.



Pioneer Arms


.223 / 5.56


Semi Automatic

Barrel Length






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