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The Polish PM-63C RAK Blew Us Away!!!
The Polish PM-63C RAK Blew Us Away!!!
13:52 | 4 months ago
The Polish PM-63C RAK
The Polish PM-63C RAK
03:10 | 8 months ago
The Highly Collectible Polish PM-63C
The Highly Collectible Polish PM-63C
06:23 | 4 years ago

Polish PM-63C RAK Semi-Auto Pistol 9x18 Caliber Pistol Pkg With (1) 15 Round Magazine & (1) 25 Round Magazine, Very Rare - Pioneer Arms Radom Poland

MPN: PM-63C  |  UPC: 684659980748
sale price $749 00 $999.99

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Polish PM-63C RAK Semi-Auto Pistol 9x18 Caliber Pistol Package. This SKU comes with (1) 15 round magazine & (1) 25 round magazine. Manufactured by Pioneer Arms Radom Poland - Imported and Warrantied by Pioneer Arms U.S.A.

The PM63's Polish abbreviation “RAK” stands for “Commandos Hand-held Automatic” pistol. It is a relatively light and compact firearm originally issued as a select-fire pistol intended for close-quarters combat. It was significantly lighter and smaller than the contemporary Heckler & Koch MP5. The PM-63 is well balanced and can be fired from one hand, just like ordinary pistols. A unique feature of this pistol is the slide that protrudes in front of the barrel. This allows the pistol to be cocked in a traditional way, or simply by sticking the protrusion into hard objects, such as walls, desktops, etc... so the shooter can easily cock the weapon single-handedly. The protrusion also acts as a compensator, which deflects some of the gases upwards and reduces muzzle climb. 
Note 5/10/2020 - This Is A New Group Of PM-63C's and The Deal On This Pistol Is Now Different Than How We Originally Sold Them 
See extended description for Full Details.



Pioneer Arms




Semi Automatic





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