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The Romanian TTC Tokarev Pistol
The Romanian TTC Tokarev Pistol
03:56 | 1 month ago
Should You Carry A Surplus Pistol?
Should You Carry A Surplus Pistol?
15:07 | 3 years ago
7.62x25 Pistol Showdown (Tokarev & PPS-43C)
7.62x25 Pistol Showdown (Tokarev & PPS-43C)
04:27 | 4 years ago

Romanian TTC Tokarev Pistol - 7.62x25 8rd - Mfg by Cugir Factory in Romania. Very Good to Excellent Surplus Condition, Grips May Vary - C & R Eligible

MPN: TT-33C Pistol  |  UPC: 794504115987
$449 99

In Stock


Pistol, Historic Romanian TTC Tokarev pistol, semi-automatic, manufactured in the famous Cugir Factory, 7.62x25 caliber, Very Good to Excellent Condition. These are in very good to excellent surplus condition with nice bluing and very minimal wear, probably the nicest batch we've had here. Each pistol is packed in light oil inside a plastic bag.The finish on these is a deep rich blue. Some may have very slight bluing wear on the sharp edges, but most do not. Bores have been very nice on the ones I have seen. Each pistol is semi-automatic and fires the hard hitting, flat shooting 7.62x25 caliber cartridge, and comes with one standard 8 round magazine. Note - As surplus, the grips may vary from gun to gun and star grips while highly likely are not guarenteed. The overall quality on these has been very nice so we are pretty confident that just a standard order will get you a nice gun. However, if you want the best of the best we can assure that by doing a hand select. Just check the Hand Select box to take advantage of this service. All serial #'s are pre 1963 so these are C & R Eligible. The item # or SKU on this pistol ends in TT33C but do not let that confuse you. This is not some after-market compact variation of the pistol. It is the full-size military version. In this case the C stands for Cugir. 







Semi Automatic

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