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Tula Ammo Premium Grade - .300 AAC Blackout 125 Grain FMJ - Zinc Plated Steel Case, Non-Corrosive, by Sergeant Major Munition - 500 Rounds - 300JBZNC

MPN: 300AAC125BJBZNC  |  UPC: 689481697116
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Sergeant Major Munition 300AAC125BJBZNC: This wonderful .300 Blackout ammo is produced by Tula Ammunition in Russia and sold under the Sergeant Major Munitions branding. SMM Zinc Line ammo is uniquely different than other standard steel-cased Russian ammo in that the steel shell casings are zinc coated. The goal in doing this was to provide an ammo line that was as reliable and inexpensive as Russia's steel ammo but would eliminate the concerns that some have about creating premature wear on their chambers due to the hardness of the steel casing. The answer was to bond an ultra-smooth zinc coating to the casing. The result is a beautiful high-quality round of ammo that actually has the appearance of far more expensive nickel-cased ammo while providing a surface area on the casing that is softer than steel. This coating is as smooth as glass and provides an ultra-fast, resistance-free insertion and extraction in your firearm. Not only does it cycles smoothly, but it is also non-corrosive, so if you forget to clean your gun after the trip to the range, it's no sweat. The FMJ bullet features a brass jacket around a lead core, which protects the bore while also keeping this ammo range-friendly. Shooters around the world trust Tula Ammo for its accuracy and sure-fire reliability and this new zinc plated option brings the quality to a whole new level. This.300 AAC Blackout round features a 125-grain full metal jacket bullet. it is extremely accurate and 100% non-corrosive Take this .300 Blackout on your next range trip and see what the excitement is all about.

Brand New Production. Ammunition comes packaged in 20 round boxes, with 25 boxes per 500 round case. We sell this ammunition under this SKU by the 500 round case.





.300 Blackout

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