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Highly Anticipated Swiss Surplus Has Arrived
Highly Anticipated Swiss Surplus Has Arrived
29:12 | 10 months ago
Top 5 Swiss Rifles
Top 5 Swiss Rifles
23:05 | 1 year ago
Don't Miss These Incredible Swiss Rifles
Don't Miss These Incredible Swiss Rifles
14:41 | 3 years ago

Swiss 1911 Long Straight Pull Rifle 7.5x55 - Various Conditions Fair to Very Good - C&R Eligible

MPN: Swiss K1911 Rifle  |  UPC: ITM73
$499 99

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An improvement over the original M1889 version of the Schmidt-Rubin rifle, the Swiss M1911 placed the locking lugs in the middle of the bolt -rather than at the rear- strengthening the action and allowing a more powerful cartridge, the Gewehrpatrone 11 or GP11, to be used. It is distinguished from the 96/11 rifle by a curved butt plate and by a stock with an integral semi-pistol grip. It uses a graduated tangent sight which begins at 300 meters. The 1911 and 96/11 rifles are characterized by exceptional accuracy and were made with excellent craftsmanship. The fact that Switzerland remained neutral through both world wars ensured that they are in far better condition, on average, than the rifles of other European nations from that vintage.This is the long variation of the K1911 rifle with the 30.75" barrel and should not be confused with the carbine version which was a later generation rifle. This is one of the most accurate rifles ever made. 

The Swiss are renowned for their quality workmanship and attention to detail, and the Swiss soldiers typically took very good care to keep their rifles functional and serviceable. However, they used their rifles and carried them in traini ng in very harsh weather conditions. As such it is very typical for the external surfaces of Swiss surplus rifles to be well used and you can expect these rifles to have a lot of dents and dings or very minor cracks in the stock. You can also expect there to be a decent amount of bluing wear, with Fair showing more wear than Good condition rifles. The Swiss never used corrosive ammo and all of the bores we have seen have been exceptional. These rifles combined with the round they fire are well known for being match accurate.

Solid and functional rifles, these rifles are available in various grade from NRA Fair to Very Good Surplus Condition. See custom options below.

Rifles that are noted as Incomplete are missing a small, non-vital component, such as a sling swivel. The rifles will still be functional, and in compliance with the overall grade offered. Rifles marked as Cracked have a non-function inhibiting crack in the stock, and are still shootable.

Check This Out - Rare and Highly Collectible Original Swiss Field Maintenance Kit.



Schmidt Rubin




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