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Highly Anticipated Swiss Surplus Has Arrived
Highly Anticipated Swiss Surplus Has Arrived
29:12 | 2 years ago
Top 5 Swiss Rifles
Top 5 Swiss Rifles
23:05 | 3 years ago
Don't Miss These Incredible Swiss Rifles
Don't Miss These Incredible Swiss Rifles
14:41 | 4 years ago

Swiss K31 Carbine Rifle - 7.5x55, Good to Very Good Surplus Condition - C & R Eligible

sale price $679 99 $799.99

In Stock (Hurry - Only 4 left!)

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping delay - This product will not ship before 6/30/24


Long known as probably the most desirable of the Swiss straight pulls. Although the K31 is a straight-pull carbine, it was not designed by Colonel Rudolf Schmidt (1832-1898) like its predecessors, as he was not alive to do so. The K31 was a totally new design by Eidgenossische Waffenfabrik in Bern, Switzerland under Colonel Furrer, and the gun does not have the Schmidt-designed 1889 or 1896 action. The first 200 K31s were made in May 1931 for troop trials (serials 500,001 - 500,200), thus the model number of 1931.

The Swiss are renowned for their quality workmanship and attention to detail, and the Swiss soldiers typically took very good care to keep their rifles functional and serviceable. However, they used their rifles and carried them in training in very harsh weather conditions. As such it is very typical for the external surfaces of Swiss surplus rifles to be well-used and you can expect these rifles to have some dents and dings. You can also expect there to be some amount of bluing wear. Having said that though, all of the guns in this particular group are pretty darn nice by surplus standards. In fact, it is one of the best lots of K-31s that we have seen to date. Also on the upside, the Swiss never used corrosive ammo and all of the bores we have seen have been exceptional. These rifles combined with the round they fire are well known for being match accurate.

Solid and functional rifles, these have been graded Good to Very Good Surplus Condition  - Note - A small percentage of these rifles have the much rarer micro-adjustable rear sight. We have this variation available for an additional charge under our custom options tab while supplies last.  

Check This Out - Rare and Highly Collectible Original Swiss Field Maintenance Kit.

Note: Some rifles were received with an aftermarket reproduction magazine, rather than an original Swiss magazine. We do not make a distinction between the two and the magazine you receive will be the luck of the draw.

Note: Some rifles may be in a configuration that deviates from the norm based on the previous Swiss owner's preference. When available, these rifles will be listed as such under a separate custom option.

Note that some of these rifles may have their original troop tags under the butt-plate. Due to time constraints, we have not taken the time to look for these and make no guarantee's on their presence, and if you should receive a troop tag it will be purely by luck of the draw. Probably worth taking a look though. 



Schmidt Rubin




Bolt Action

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