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Video: Del-Ton & Core AR-15 Rifles


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Video Transcript

Speaker 1:
Hey, everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Friday, March 31st, and thank god it's Friday. It's been a long week, very busy here, and we want to thank you guys for keeping us that way. We appreciate your business. As we've talked about in the past, in the recent past, right now is a really good time to buy AR-15 rifles. Rifle prices on AR-15's are at historic lows, we think they've hit the bottom simply because there's no where else to go. And, today we have four AR-15 type rifles that are a really good value that we want to tell you about. So, Dylan, let's start on this end. My first two rifles will be Del-Tons, this is a Del-Ton Sport. The Del-Ton Sport has all of the features of any of the high quality Del-Ton rifles, including the T marked flattop receiver, all of the flattop receivers will accept any type of one inch standard rings or carry handles, the Sport model, they call it a Sport because it has a lightweight profile barrel, so these are very lightweight, they can be carried all day, or if you have a person with a very light structure, or some females that have a little more trouble holding these things steady, the Sport model is a great option. The Sport comes with two 30-round mags and a mag lock from the factory. Right now we have this rifle at $449.99. So, a heck of a price. $449.99 on a nice Del-Ton, brand new, in the box Del-Ton sport. Our next one is also a Del-Ton. This is the echo model, 316 Echo. Basically the same rifle. The same T marks. Complete with forward assist trapdoor as does our Sport model. They have all those features. Six position collapsible stock. The 316 Echo has the M4 Profile Barrel, so it's the military profile barrel. Heavy with the dropdown notch for adding accessories and launchers and so forth. We have those currently at $499.99. To get into a different manufacturer and a different look, the flat dark earth color is what a lot of people are going to to these days. This rifle is made by Core Industries. Core Industries, also an American made product. This is their government profile model barrel, standard sixteen inch. These are also T marked. They come with 130 round hex mag and a cable lock. And, Dylan, I want you to come in and focus on the receiver on these cores as well as the top of the barrel, when I turn it over here for a moment so they can see the markings. Dylan, I'm talking about this side of the barrel, thank you very much. There you go. Because it has the markings for the military barrel. That's a one in seven profile, heavy barrel. Tend to like the heavier bullets a little better, I think. And those were also, I forgot the price point, spectacular price point on this, also at $499.99. Last, but certainly not least, and this may be the value price rifle in the marketplace right now, this is a Del-Ton once again, so Del-Ton Echo 316 series. But in the 308 caliber. So, this is 308 Winchester, beautiful rifle, T mark top rail. Comes with a 20 round mag, and accepts all AR-10 style, 308 caliber AR-15 magazines. We actually had this rifle on our sight for the last few weeks at $749.99, which was a great price, we've sold a lot of rifles at that, but we were able to negotiate a larger deal on this, we brought a quantity of these into our system, we were able to price-average them, because we got a better price on the large quantity. It was a one time deal. With the price averaging, we're able to give this fantastic rifle, AR-10 platform 308, at only $699.99. That's the best price I've ever seen a 308 AR-15 platform rifle on the marketplace in this country. $699.99. Has this really unique aluminum forearm that dissipates the heat through the front and the rear. Also has heat shields under it. Let me see if I can adjust that stock. Very comfortable rifle. Lightweight, but carries all the punch of a full 308. Now, folks, before we close out with any of our flattop rifles, we do offer the attachable A3 carry handle. We sell these on our sight individually much higher, but with the purchase of the rifle — I'm gonna see if I can drop this on here real quick — with the purchase of any of our flattop rifles, we have these — let me turn it so you can see what I'm doing — they simply go on and lock up tight through a series of two thumb screws there. They lock up good and tight and solid. What you heard rattling was the dog tag, there's certainly nothing on the rifle. But you can go through an A3 top carry handle, we have an option as a custom option in any one of these ads, or any of our flattop rifle ads for only $20 each, to add a carry handle. Personally, for 20 bucks, if you don't add the carry handle, to me that seems a little silly or foolish. It would be like getting a new car without adding air conditioning, but that's totally up to you. But, we do have them, it gives you the nice sight radius — finger off the trigger, Ben — nice sight radius there, so you can see it with the A3 carry handle, again folks, just a great time to buy an AR 15, all of these are live, in stock and on sale right now. Again, we appreciate your business, and thank you for being with us at www.classicfirearms.com.