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Walther Arms 2796326 P99 Double 9mm 4.0" 10+1 Polymer Grip Black

MPN: 2796326  |  UPC: 723364207310

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Walther 2796326: As the first pistol equipped with a firing pin lock, the P99 AS combines the advantages of the traditional Double Action System with Single Action Anti-Stress trigger. The P99 provides the shooter with a user-friendliness previously found only in hammer fired pistols. The anti-stress trigger makes the P99 one of the world's safest firearms by preventing unintentional "reflex" firing in stressful situations. The decisive innovation: When the slide is racked completely to the rear upon loading, the trigger remains in the forward position for the first shot, not only in the double action trigger mode, but also in the single action mode. The trigger travel is .551" long in the anti-stress mode (at 4.4 lbs. trigger force), preventing inadvertent firing. On all subsequent shots, the trigger travel is reduced to .314" (at the same trigger force) and this permits firing in rapid sequence, due to the quick reset of the P99 trigger. The P99 AS is equipped with a decocking button to safely decock the striker. It acts as an automatic safety and is integrated directly into the slide to prevent snagging on clothing even if the gun is drawn quickly. This model is chambered in 9mm with a 10+1 capacity.







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