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Wolf Shotgun Shells, Case, 12 Gauge, 2-3/4", 1 Ounce, # 8 Shot - Wolf Target Sport - 250 / Case

MPN: Wolf 8Shotshells  |  UPC: 645611131608


Whether you are enjoying a day of skeet/trap shooting, or the opening day of dove season, you will enjoy the power and reliability of these 12 gauge shotgun shells by Wolf. Each 2-3/4" clear/white plastic hull features 1 ounce of # 8 shot propelled by some of the most advanced, clean-burning powders manufactured today. Shells are manufactured to provide smooth insertion and extraction regardless of the action on the shotgun and generate an average velocity of 1280FPS.  All of the shells are manufactured of high-quality transparent plastic and feature non-corrosive primers making them ideal for re-loading. Number 8 shot has long been the preferred shot size for dove and quail hunters, as well as trap and sheet shooters across the country, and these fine shells, are as good for those applications as it gets. Personally I even like the #8 shot loads for close-quarters home defense applications. It can disable an intruder without the risk of over-penetration into other occupied rooms. Wolf now brings their trusted name in the centerfire pistol and rifle market to the shotgun shooters with this high-quality load. 

This ammunition comes to us packaged with 25 rounds per commercial box and 10 boxes in a 250 round case. We sell it under this SKU by the 250 round case. 






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