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Glock Pistols, Magazines & Accessories

GlockGlock Pistols: Revolutionary Reliability, Performance and Safety

In the early 1980s military forces and law enforcement agencies around the world were introduced to the Glock 17, a 9mm polymer framed, semi-automatic pistol with a 17+1 round capacity and striker-fired trigger. The 9mm Glock 17 or G17 was adopted by the Austrian Army in 1982.  LE agencies soon followed. Glock pistols currently have a 65% share of all U.S. LE markets. Renown for simplicity—Glock handguns use only 34 parts—Glock models fieldstrip in seconds and have an ergonomic design that is easy to operate even under stress making it a good choice for concealed carry. The Safe Action system incorporates three automatic safety features making all Glock models safe yet fast and simple to use.

Gen4 Glock Handguns are the Most Advanced Glocks Ever

All Glock Gen4 pistols have a modular back strap system that allows Glock owners and buyers to customize the grip size by simply swapping out back straps. The magazine catch is larger and reversible on the Gen4 Glocks. Advanced dual recoil spring assembly helps reduces felt recoil in all Gen4 Glock pistols. The Rough Texture Frame (RFT) grip surface enhances shooter grip. Buy Glock Gen4 pistols and you are buying the most advanced Glock ever. All Glock Gen4 handguns come with three magazines.

Tactical, Concealed Carry, Competition, Personal Defense

Classic Firearms offers a variety of Glock models for sale including the new Glock 41 or G41 designed for military and LE operators with .45 caliber firepower in a long slide configuration. The Glock 42 is the most compact Glock handgun ever and chambered in .380 for deep concealed carry. For personal defense and concealed carry the Glock 17 or G17 in 9mm features a compact design making it a popular choice with female shooters and first-time buyers as well as LE and experienced Glock shooters. Competition Glocks like the  G35 are popular IDPA and 3-gun pistols used by many competitive shooters. Buy Glock and you buy confidence.

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1-24 of 301 Products
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