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Flamethrowers - Why Everyone Needs One
Flamethrowers - Why Everyone Needs One
11:02 | 3 years ago

Exothermic Technologies Pulsefire Long-Range Torch (LRT) Handheld Flamethrower - Mirror Silver Finish - PF-LRT-SILV

MPN: PF-LRT-SILV  |  UPC: 850016429155
$599 99

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Pulsefire PF-LRT-SILV: A specialty limited-run model powder coated in a highly reflective mirror silver finish and equipped with convenient features. This phenomenal patent-pending LRT from Pulsefire is the ultimate compact, lightweight handheld flamethrower that sends a stream of fire 25 feet away with the simple press of a button. This product is fired by Arc ignition, which allows the user simple press and throw flame capabilities, so there is no need to pre-ignite a pilot light. The Pulsefire also comes complete with a rechargeable battery pack to fire the ignition as well as a wall charger. This model features a built-in drip shield and a heat shield for the protection of the user. One of the most advanced and user-friendly units we have ever seen. This model features a mirror silver finish.

Note: This finish amplifies the visibility of bumps and other imperfections as well as fingerprints, scuffs, and scratches.

This incredible flamethrower from Pulsfire is exactly what you need to heat things and get the party started. This model delivers the user simple ergonomics and controls to have non-stop fun. Press the button, and receive flames. This LRT is one of the most user-friendly handheld flamethrowers we have seen in a long time. From top to bottom, this LRT is built like a tank, and the fit and finish is outstanding. This LRT has many uses from lighting bonfires, conducting controlled burns on your property, getting rid of pesky insect hives, or torching zombies should the need arise! This model features a mirror silver finish and has a built-in heat and drip shield, which offers protection for the end-user. The Pulsefire also comes complete with a rechargeable battery pack to fire the ignition as well as a wall charger so you don't have to worry about buying and replacing batteries.  Also featured on this model is a voltmeter, which lets you track your battery usage, and the internal high-capacity fuel reservoir will keep you throwing flames for a long time. Pick up one of these incredible LRT's and see why we love them so much! 

Additional No
Country of Manufacture United States
License Requirement None
Manufacturer Exothermic Technologies
Mfg. Part Number PF-LRT-SILV
UPC 850016429155
Caliber/Gauge No
Action No
Barrel Length No
Barrel Twist No
Barrel Bore Type No
Barrel Finish No
Barrel Fluting No
Barrel Profile No
Mount Type No
Beam Color No
Firearm Fit No
Threaded Barrel No
Condition New
Free Shipping No

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