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Pedersoli Long Guns

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  1. Pedersoli S.812-303 Sporting .30-30 Rolling Block 28" Walnut
  2. Pedersoli G010S865457 Rolling Block .45-70 Silhouette 30" OCT. Walnut
  3. Pedersoli S.900-457 Springfield Trapdoor Carbine .45-70 Blued Walnut
  4. Pedersoli S.762-357 Sharps Little Betsy .357MAG. 24" Falling Block Rifle w/ sights Walnut
  5. Pedersoli L.709-012 LA Bohemienne S/S 3" 28" CT5 Walnut Shotgun
  6. Pedersoli S.707-012 Wyatt Earp S/S 3" 20" IC/CYL Walnut Shotgun
  7. Pedersoli S.870-457 Creedmoor Long Range .45-70 Rolling Block 30" Octagonal Barrel Walnut
  8. Pedersoli S.788-457 Sharps L.RANGE 1874 .45-70 34" Walnut
  9. Pedersoli S.843-385 Mississippi .38-55
  10. Pedersoli S.843-045 Mississippi .45LC
  11. Pedersoli S.738-457 1886 FAR West
  12. Pedersoli M.707-012 Pedersoli Coach 12GA 20 Side BY Side Shotgun

12 Item(s)

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