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Blackheart Long Guns

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  1. Blackheart Firearms AK-47 Model B10W-OR w/Integrated Optical Rail/MBUS Sighting System 7.62x39 & Solid Beech Hardwood Furniture - GEN2-B10W-OR
  2. Blackheart Firearms AK-47 Model B10 7.62x39 - Black with Phoenix Technology KickLite Buttstock, Pistol Grip, & Handguard BFV762-B10A-BLKP
  3. Blackheart Firearms BFV762-B10B-BLKP AK-47 Model B10 7.62x39 - Black with Phoenix Storage Buttstock, Pistol Grip and Handguard
  4. Blackheart Firearms AK-47 Model B10 7.62x39 Romanian AKM-Type Mil-Spec Solid Beech Hardwood Furniture BFV762-B10W
  5. Blackheart Firearms Semi-Auto AK-47 (SAAK) 7.62x39 AKM Variant Under-Fold Rifle BFV762-101

5 Item(s)

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