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Haydels Accessories

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  1. Haydels DL-98 Deluxe 4 Call Layard Camo
  2. Haydels L285 Double Game Call Lanyard Camo
  3. Haydels L185 Single Game Call Lanyard Camo
  4. Haydels WBS17 Wild Bore Speck Call
  5. Haydels CS10 Goose Carbon Speck
  6. Haydels BC10 Duck Big Barrelled Cutdown Mallard
  7. Haydels BB10 Duck Big Blue Wing Teal
  8. Haydels GW01 Duck Gadwall Call
  9. Haydels VR00 Duck Variable Red Leg Mallard Call
  10. Haydels WF00 White Front Goose Call
  11. Haydels RL99 Duck RedLeg Mallard Double Reed Call
  12. Haydels MSP98 Predator Squeaker
  13. Haydels SW92 Small Game Mr Squirrel Whistle Call
  14. Haydels PS92 Hog Pig Squealer Call
  15. Haydels CH92 Predator Coyote Howler Call
  16. Haydels BH92 Hog Boss Hawg
  17. Haydels HS91 Acrylic Hawk Screamer Call
  18. Haydels Q91 Small Game BobWhite Quail Call
  19. Haydels VTM90 Duck Variable Tone Mallard Call
  20. Haydels D90 Small Game Dove Call
  21. Haydels FB90 Deer Two Way Fawn Bleat Imitator Call
  22. Haydels MP90 Duck Magnum Pintail Mallard Drake Call
  23. Haydels PW90 Predator Pileated Woodpecker Call
  24. Haydels P90 Small Game Pheasant Call

Items 1 to 24 of 58 total

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