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Kleen-Bore Accessories

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  1. Kleen-Bore K206 Rifle Cleaning Kits w/Steel Rods Cleaning Kit .264/.270/7mm
  2. Kleen-Bore PS55 Police Special Handgun Cleaning Kits Cleaning Kit 30-06
  3. Kleen-Bore TAC100 Tactical Universal Weapons Cleaning System
  4. Kleen-Bore PS52 Police Special Handgun Cleaning Kits Handgun 44/45
  5. Kleen-Bore POC220 PocKit Handgun Cleaning Sets Cleaning Kit .22 Cal
  6. Kleen-Bore CP14B Super Shooter Cotton Patches Cleaning Patches 3" 12-16ga
  7. Kleen-Bore A186 Shotgun Phosphor Bronze Bore Brushes/Mops Bore Brushes 12 Ga
  8. Kleen-Bore A182 Rifle Phosphor Bronze Bore Brushes/Mops .44/.45 Cal 5 Pack

8 Item(s)

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