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Otis Accessories

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  1. Otis FG2715PDB Star Chamber Cleaning Tool 5.56mm/AR-15 Replacement Pads 12 Pack
  2. Shooters Choice CRS08 Copper Remover Extra Strength Cleaner/Degreaser 8 oz
  3. Otis FG1000 Elite Cleaning System w/Tactical Cleaning System Universal Nylon
  4. Otis FG2715 Star Chamber Cleaning Tool 5.56mm/AR-15
  5. Otis FGFL1C Flugz 21dB Earplugs Black/Red
  6. Shooters Choice CLP01 CLP-01 Cleaning Supplies Universal Gun Care Pack N/A
  7. Shooters Choice PSQ12 Polymer Safe Quick Scrub Degreaser 12.5 oz
  8. Shooters Choice MC716 MC 7 Bore Cleaner and Conditioner 16 oz
  9. Shooters Choice MC7XT MC #7 Extra Strength Bore Cleaner Bore Cleaner 12 oz
  10. Shooters Choice MC704 MC 7 Bore Cleaner and Conditioner 4 oz
  11. Shooters Choice G10CC High Tech Gun Grease 10 cc
  12. Shooters Choice DG315 Degreaser Quick Scrub III Cleaner/Degreaser 15 oz
  13. Shooters Choice FPL036 FPL-36 Lubricant Display w/Product 36 PK Counter Top
  14. Shooters Choice SG012 Shotgun and Choke Tube Cleaner 12 oz
  15. Shooters Choice FPL04 FP-10 Lubricant Elite 4 oz
  16. Shooters Choice RP006 Rust Preventive Corrosion Inhibitor 6 oz
  17. Shooters Choice LRS04 Lead Remover 4 oz
  18. Otis FG919901 Patch & Solvent Cleaning Kit 52 Piece
  19. Otis FG380BP Bore Brush Cleaning Variety Pack Brass
  20. Otis FG3163NBBZ All Purpose Brushes Variety Pack Bronze/Nylon
  21. Otis FG556MSR MSR/AR Cleaning System 5.56/223 Rem 1 Kit
  22. Otis AD3800 Sportsman''s Cleaning Mat 35.25" x 17.75"
  23. Otis FG919100 All Caliber Cleaning Patches 3" Cotton
  24. Otis FG932 MSR/AR Maintenance Tool Set Rifle Scraper Kit

Items 1 to 24 of 63 total

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