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Arsenal Long Guns

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  1. Arsenal 7.62x39 Milled AK-47 Rifle w/ Intermediate Length Buttstock SAM7R-61
  2. Arsenal SAM7SF-84 AK Rifle w/ Side Fold Tubular Stock
  3. Same model but with Black poly furniture
  4. Arsenal SAM7R 7.62x39 Rifle, 16.3" 10rd Black Sythetic QR MBRAKE QR - SAM7R66
  5. Arsenal SLR-104FR 5.45x39 Rifle, Side Folder 30rd - SLR10431
  6. SLR-106C, 5.56x45 AK Style Rifle, Left-Side Folding Warsaw Buttstock
  7. Arsenal SAM7UF85 7.62x39 16.25" AK-47 Black Polymer Grips Under-Folding Stock
  8. Arsenal SLR10451 SLR-104UR 5.45x39 16.25 Black Poly 30rd
  9. Arsenal SLR10621 SLR106-F .223 Remington 5rd Folding Stock (4)
  10. Arsenal SLR10661 SLR-106CR .223 Remington 5rd Folding Stock Rail (4)
  11. Arsenal SAM7SF84R SAM7SF 16.3 Side Fold Stock QR 10rd
  12. Arsenal SLR10662 SLR-106CRH 16.3 Side Fold Stock 5rd
  13. Arsenal SLR10711 SLR-107R 16.25 Black Poly 5rd
  14. Arsenal SLR10711P SLR-107R 16.25 Plum Poly 5rd
  15. Arsenal SLR10761 SLR107CR Stamped REC 2 Stage Trig

15 Item(s)

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Arsenal Long Guns

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