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Brand Spotlight: Christensen Arms

Classic Firearms is proud to carry Christensen Arms. If you are not familiar with Christensen, read on, as there is a lot to like about this Manufacturer. In an industry where credentials are essential to establishing your product quality, Christensen Arms earned the 2020 Shooting Illustrated Golden Bullseye "Rifle of the Year" for its Modern Precision Rifle.

Christensen Arms incorporates technology from a background of manufacturing composites for the medical and aerospace industries. The Company, established in 1995,  hails from Utah and manufactures bolt action rifles and modern sporting rifles. They also produce a line of 1911 pistols. 


Christensen's carbon fiber barrels stand out as a feature that puts their rifles in their own distinguished class. With current and future trends of firearms manufacturing focusing on lighter weight, and of course accuracy, Christensen stands proud in these specific areas.

Carbon fiber barrel manufacturing is a process of wrapping the material around a very thin stainless steel inner barrel. This process allows the material to bulk up the barrel and defer heat; " adding strength and shedding heat". You still get the bulk of a substantial barrel, except that it has the weight of a much smaller one.

As for accuracy, Christensen offers an Accuracy Guarantee. Their guarantee is that certain accuracy specifications are met before it leaves their facility. Tolerance of the rifling for the carbon fiber barrels is inspected to .0001 inches.



Christensen Arms Mesa LR 6.5 Creedmoor Bolt Action Rifle

All Christensen Arms bolt action rifles are guaranteed to perform. They are built by hand, right here in the USA. Christensen offers bolt action rifles in traditional and popular calibers including the highly sought after 6.5 Creedmoor caliber.

Award-winning outdoorsman Jim Shockey has joined Christensen's professional hunting team. With over 50 years of hunting and outdoor experience, Shockey has come to the conclusion that Christensen Arms is the best choice for him.


Christensen's modern sporting rifles are also made in the USA, and are engineered from top-shelf products by a qualified gunsmith. These rifles are range tested and have the Christensen Arms Sub-MOA Guarantee. 


MODERN PRECISION RIFLE - 2020 Golden Bullseye Award 

Christensen Arms CA-15 in .223/5.56 Semi-Auto Rifle



The Modern Precision Rifle has an extremely lightweight chassis. The Modern Precision package includes the folding stock, a Christensen Arms carbon fiber barrel, carbon fiber comb, free-floating carbon fiber handguard, and 20 MOA rail. This sharp looking rifle has a Black Nitride finish on the action and stainless steel side-baffle muzzle brake. Weighing in at only 6.9 pounds, the Modern Precision Rifle is backed by the Christensen Arms Sub-MOA Guarantee.


Sub-MOA Guarantee

Christensen Sub-MOA guarantees a 3 shot group within 1 MOA, Half MOA guarantee for 3 shots inside half MOA for rifles and 2 inches, 5 shot group at 25 yards for their handguns.

The definition of MOA can get lengthy and technical, but the skinny of it is "MOA is defined as the "Minute Of Angle," which is a unit of angular measurement. When the accuracy of a gun is given in minutes of angle, it is possible for a person to know approximately what size groups the gun shoots within its effective range" as stated by Rifle Shooter Magazine.

An example is: If you are shooting a Sub-MOA rifle out to 1,000 yards, your rifle has the capability to hit a target that is at least 10" in size.

Christensen Arms Traverse in .300 WM Bolt Action Rifle


Christensen has an impressive inventory of rifles. If your mission is hunting, tactical, or competitive, there is a Christensen rifle to fit your goals. These are high quality, lightweight rifles that are offered at a price point for mid-quality rifles. Christensen offers an impressive Sub-MOA and a lightweight carbon fiber barrel. 


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