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Classic Firearms News - Long Guns

There's a good reason the 1913 Picatinny rail can be found on most rifles and handguns manufactured today. Compared to prior optics-mounting solutinos (notably the Weaver rail system), the Picatinny rail offers a number of improvements that have helped it endure for decades.
The first Sicario film was groundbreaking for its realistic firearms handling and the sequel was no different. Here's our list of the top 5 guns used in Sicario 2: Day Of The Soldado.
The Call Of Duty franchise's core appeal is its adrenaline-pumping gunplay and iconic multiplayer maps. The latest installment features tons of incredible real-life firearms, begging the question - what are the top 10 guns from Modern Warfare 2?
Panzer Arms is well known for driving innovation in semi-auto 12 gauge shotguns, and the latest Gen 4 variant of the Panzer AR-12 is no exception. 
The Stag Arms 3-Gun Series AR-15 is set up for competition use out of the box, with plenty of features and a high degree of personalization. It's tough to find a better rifle for the money. 
The Panzer M4 Tactical is an incredible value semi-auto shotgun, packed with features and extremely adaptable. It also happens to be the best Benelli clone on the market. 
While it might seem that any rifle used in battle could be a battle rifle, historically, a definition formed around specific characteristics to identify this particular type of firearm.
Folks carry all kinds of things with them on a daily basis. For some of us, carrying a handgun is equally as important as our wallets or keys. Whether one prefers to carry concealed or in the open, many Americans prefer to count on themselves for their security.
Chinese SKS as most folks call it, is a classic Cold War-era rifle. Made by the millions, Type 56s served in numerous conflicts across the world.
All the high-speed, low-drag guys seem to be running piston ARs. But are they actually the best? The Direct Impingement (DI) system is sensitive to deviations from the initially designed 20" barrel AR with rifle-length gas system. Piston ARs aim to remedy shortcomings when it comes to specialized ARs.
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