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Classic Insights - Long Guns

Tokarev's TX3 pump-action shotgun exudes elegance and class, combining modern features with the timeless aesthetic of handsome Turkish walnut furniture. If you're looking for an affordable, well-rounded 12 gauge, the TX3 is one of the best shotguns you can buy in today's market.

As one of the most versatile semi-automatic rifles in the world, the AR-15 is available in several configurations with a wide range of barrel lengths. Our team has tons of hands-on experience with the AR platform and in today's blog, we're sharing which barrel length we think is best for a general purpose self defense build.

When speed and precision are paramount, selecting the right competition shotgun is just as important as perfecting your quad load or running target transition drills. Here are five excellent options you should consider when gearing up for your next competitive shooting stage.

A backpack gun affords shooters increased capacity and precision in situations that call for more firepower than an EDC pistol can provide on its own. In today's blog, we're sharing our picks for the best takedown rifles and large frame pistols for backpack gun duty in 2024.

Any serious discussion of high quality, budget friendly AR-15s would be incomplete without mentioning the IWI Zion 15. Available for less than $1K, this well-rounded rifle is packed full of modern features that discerning shooters have come to expect in 2024.

Prior to the mass production of extended magazines, shooters would achieve increased capacity by using heavy-duty tape to bind two standard mags together to facilitate a nearly instantaneous reload without interrupting cadence of fire. Modern magazine couplers offer the same functionality, but are they still relevant given the widespread availability of extended mags in 2024?

Classic battle rifle aesthetics meet modern functionality with the rare BM-59 chambered in 7.62 NATO, a favorite of collectors and gun enthusiasts alike. This Italian-manufactured M1 Garand variant boasts several unique features that set it apart from any other military surplus firearm in today's market.

Earlier in 2024, the U.S. Army began the process of converting hundreds of thousands of M4 carbines to the more modern Enhanced M4A1 Standard. The endeavor aims to increase the combat efficacy of infantry troops on the ground, providing them with a more accurate rifle that has full-auto capabilities.

There are few things more frustrating than mounting a tactical light and pressure switch, only to discover that the beam is partially obstructed by your muzzle or muzzle device. Here's how you can avoid barrel / suppressor shadow when installing your weapon light setup.

Unveiled at SHOT Show 2024, Desert Tech's all-new Wolverine (stylized WLRVN) is a cutting-edge modular bullpup rifle available in multiple calibers and barrel lengths. The Classic Firearms team recently spent some hands-on time with two WLRVN variants and in today's blog, we're sharing our first impressions.


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