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  • Are Flamethrowers Legal? How Do I buy One?

    But first, what exactly is a flamethrower? A flamethrower is a ranged incendiary device that can project a controlled jet of fire. (Defined by California as having a range of 10 feet or more in their laws.) The mechanism is relatively simple, consisting of a reservoir of liquid fuel that is sprayed out and an igniter to ignite the flame. Most likely portable and carried by the operator.
  • AR-15 Meaning - What Does It Stand For and Why Are They So Popular?

    The original AR-15 was designed by legendary firearms designer and engineer Eugene Stoner in 1956 while serving as chief engineer for ArmaLite, a small arms engineering company. ArmaLite was a new division of the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation that was willing to utilize aerospace manufacturing techniques and materials. 
  • AR-15 Forward Assists and Do You Need One?

    An AR-style forward assist is a plunger that is designed to help the bolt go forward into battery in the event of the round not fully chambering. Eugene Stoner’s original AR-10 and AR-15 designs did not include a forward assist. After Colt bought the ArmaLite designs and ramped up production capabilities, theirs did not either. 
  • The Chinese Type 54 Tokarev Pistol

    The Tokarev 7.62x25mm Semi-automatic pistol was a prolific design, built by nearly every Warsaw Pact country. Some firearm enthusiasts, assume the Tokarev was crude and under-performing. This is a false assumption.
  • Rifles With Bayonets

    Wars have been fought in every country and theater around the globe. While Soldiers are tasked with using a variety of handguns and long guns to defend themselves and their countries, No other battle instrument struck as much fear into the enemy as a bayonet.
  • Top 5 Pistols of 2020

    Choosing the top five pistols of all time, or even just last week, is not the simple task it appears to be. How do you whittle down a list when the selection pool starts with thousands of diverse and competent styles? Some designs below are over 100 years old, while others have only seen a few decades of existence. The following Innovative pistol designs and their impact on history are secure.
  • Top 5 Shotguns Of 2020

    Shouldering a fine shotgun makes any firearm enthusiast reminisce of that one noble dog or maybe a foggy duck blind. The weight, feel, and finish of a shotgun create wonderful bygone moments.
  • Beretta Olympia 22LR Selective Fire

    What establishes the Beretta Olympia as universally unique is its "semi-automatic bolt action" Even the phrase sounds odd. Shooters seeing the action for the first time will have their inevitable “Ah Hah” moment.
  • Top Rifles Of 2020

    There is always a debate when a “best of list” is produced. How do you leave out specific designs or concepts that have shaped the world? The following long guns have saved lives, won wars and the west. The following long guns continue to make a difference.
  • Featured Caliber - .300 AAC Blackout

    There have been lots of calibers that hit the AR market, proclaiming to be the best. They make big claims and often talk about how they’ll replace the 5.56 as the AR caliber of choice. Inevitably, they all fail and become niche rounds. One 5.56 alternative for the AR-15 is the 300 Blackout, and it’s been one of the most successful.

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