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Classic Firearms News - General

All shooters should know or learn how to zero or sight in their firearm. There is no need to take it to your local gunshop for this process, it's easy enough that you could do it in just a few minutes.
Hi-Ho Silver, and away they go into the sunset. Probably the first thing that comes to mind when I hear talk of a silver bullet is The Lone Ranger. He is known for his heroism, his horse, and his silver bullets, but do you know why The Lone Ranger only used silver bullets?
Are higher grain bullets always better? C'mon, we are Americans, so bigger is always better. Well, for the most part anyway, but there are exceptions in every generalization. Let's start with the basics.
U.S. Department Of State releases announcements concerning the importation of Russian Firearms and Ammunition. These announcements read in part...
Bullets, projectiles, cases, powder, primers, and beyond are all terms used to describe a single loaded cartridge. Cartridges are both simple and complex in their design. When a cartridge is loaded, the loader must be aware of each and every component they are using. This includes everyone from the individual hand loader to the massive manufacturer.
Strategies! The last couple of years has really made the American public think about that word and how unprepared we are. We had to develop strategies for self and family preservation for everything from toilet paper shortages to ammunition stockpiling. No one even snickers at the thought of dedicated prepping anymore.
Most gun enthusiasts are also history buffs. We are all at least somewhat familiar with the inventor of the AK-47's and his lineup of rifles - Mikhail Kalashnikov. Maybe it is because the "K" in the rifle's name helps remind us of the K in Kalashnikov, or perhaps it is because Mikhail Kalashnikov made one heck of a rifle that still has a very active fanbase.
The United States Code in reference to the term "short-barreled shotgun" means a shotgun that has one or more barrels less than eighteen inches (18") in length, and any weapon made from a shotgun (whether by alteration, modification, or otherwise) if such a weapon as modified has an overall length of less than twenty-six inches.
The Angstadt UDP-9 was designed to use simple blowback operation. A lot of thought was put into selecting an operating system, and blowback offered the best performance for this particular set-up. Let me tell you why that makes sense; in simple blowback operation, the bolt isn't locked into the receiver (or barrel extension). Rather, it moves in a rearward motion to cycle the action, by the cartridge moving rearward to butt against the breech face.
Much like bore sizes that allow for different calibers of pistols and rifles, different bore sizes in shotguns gives us the term gauge as a means of measurement when selecting a shotgun and the appropriate ammunition for it.
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