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  • What Is Blue Tipped Ammo?

    What is blue tipped ammo? That question seems straightforward enough, and the answer should be a simple one-liner, but it's not. When it comes to blue-tipped ammo, the answer is not so simple after all. There are actually many definitions when it comes to blue-tipped ammo. The easy answer as to what blue-tipped ammo usually means depends on the bullet and context.
  • Top 5 7.62x39 Guns That Aren’t AKs

    Hey everybody, Clint here with classic firearms. Coming at you guys today with what I think is going to be a pretty fun video, especially once we get you guys involved. And it's all about the top five firearms chambered in 7.62 x39, other than the AK variant, AKM, whatever you want to say. All right, so other than that guy, because obviously that guy is great. It's a pinnacle, it's probably actually obsolete, so we shouldn't even talk about it and that's why we're not, right?
  • The Best Shotgun For Any Situation

    So, from my understanding, Benelli's patent on the M4 and the A.R.G.O. gas system, the auto-regulating gas operating system that the Benelli M4 uses, that patent is expired. And Panzer has decided to go ahead and make their own M4 clone. And I, for one, am super stoked about it. And guys, I'm Clint with Classic Firearms, out here today at Take Aim Training and Range and that's what we've got, the Panzer M4. Out of Turkey. Making a Benelli M4 clone, taking your three-inch slugs if you want them, three-inch Magnum shells, whatever you want to shoot through this guy you can.
  • Top 7 AR-10s Rifles

    The AR-10 was a vast departure from previous United States service weapons such as the M1 Garand, instead utilizing aluminum parts, polymer instead of wood, and an aluminum/steel composite barrel leading to a large reduction in weight and increase in control.
  • How Effective Is .300 Win Mag?

    I don't know about y'all, but have you ever just been in the deer stand before and you just start getting these random thoughts going through your head like how has the cartridge that I'm hunting with right now every become a thing?
  • AK-47 vs AK-74

    Hey everybody, Clint here with Classic Firearms, out here today at Take Aim, Training and Range, and it is a good day for an AK or an AKM or a AK 74 or whatever type of AK you want it to be, just know you should own one because they're freaking awesome. But anyway, what we're here to talk about today, guys, are AK-47's versus the 74, and why the 74 came about with its 5.45 cartridge.
  • How To Train With Iron Sights

    Hey, everybody, Clint here with Classic Firearms out here at Take Aim training and Range. And today we're going to talk about these little guys. These important little guys sitting on top of your rifle, or at least they should be. All right? So we're getting back to the basics, like I said, in the intro with some iron sights.
  • Duty AR-15 Setup

    Hey everybody, Clint here with Classic Firearms coming at you guys today with a video all about AR duty setups. We're talking durable, rugged guns that are made to perform and keep performing even in some harsh environments, all right? And I know my AK guys are like, "AR duty setup. It's going to break. It's going to jam with dust. Oh my God, don't forget to clean it."
  • Top 5 Futuristic Guns

    Let's go ahead and talk about the top five futuristic guns. And we're talking about guns that hit innovation, modularity, futuristic characteristics. Hey everybody, Clint here with Classic Firearms. Coming at you guys today with another top five video. But this one is all about our top five futuristic guns.
  • Gun Manufacturer Review: Zastava Arms

    Hey everybody. Clint here with Classic Firearms and we're coming at y'all today with a video all about one of my personal favorite brands, Zastava Arms. And they have been around for a little over a century, actually. In 1853, they were founded when they first cast a couple of cannons.

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