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Duty AR-15 Setup

Hey Clint, what you got there?

Oh man, it's the Knight's Armament SR-15, the Vortex Razor 1 to 10 HD. Just everything I wish I got for Christmas.

Hey everybody, Clint here with Classic Firearms coming at you guys today with a video all about AR duty setups. We're talking durable, rugged guns that are made to perform and keep performing even in some harsh environments, all right? And I know my AK guys are like, "AR duty setup. It's going to break. It's going to jam with dust. Oh my God, don't forget to clean it." Whatever guys, these things are working great now, okay? Also, AKs are awesome, too. I love them, so whatever.

Anyway, what I am looking for when it comes to a duty setup. Now, this video might seem similar to a lot of our other how to train, how to set up or home defense, whatever those videos we have. But this one I'm purely basing off of just ruggedness and reliability, and the different types of accessories and things that are out there, all right?

Now, this one here also, too, one of the comments I want to respond to really quick. I saw somebody said, "When are we going to stop pretending that Clint's just not showing off his guns?" Well, all of these guns that I'm showing you guys right now, yes, most of them are my personal, some of them are not. And also, show Ryan's here. Some of them do belong to other employees. And these are just how we like to set up our guns. And these are the ones that I have the most experience with and I want to talk about. Makes sense, right?

So anyway, this one right here is my Colt M4. And this one I have been very happy with so far. So this is the newer 2020 Colt. And I'm not too sure if Colt is actually making all the parts anymore. I'll be honest with you guys. Military Arms Channel has their video out about it. But as far as shooting the gun, I'm very happy with it so far. I know I've got a few thousand rounds through it. Now, I want to say about close to two to three, which isn't a whole lot, but a lot of those, I want to say probably a majority of those have been shot suppressed with this little guy, SureFire SOCOM556. Huge fan. And I've shot it with a bunch of other friends and everything, and I've had zero malfunctions out of it so far, and I've cleaned it like once. So there you go, right? But I do actually trust this firearm. I do believe it's reliable, and I think it's a lot of fun to shoot, all right?


So let's go ahead and talk about what makes it a duty setup, okay? I am always playing the tactical dress up with my firearms. I'm always trying to change positions and grips even to try to figure out what exactly I like. I'm always changing out my lights. Maybe I want something a little bit different. Changing positions even of slings, things along those lines, optics constantly. But here's what I've got set up on a few guns we're going to show you. And we're just going to show you a couple of different personal setups, right? So for my 16 inch mid to short range gun, this is what I've got with my Colt, okay? 16 inch barrel. I do have the SureFire WARCOMP on it here, because while it's a great QD, I love the three-pronged on it also. Really does a good job at flash mitigation and it's a great QD for the SureFire SOCOM, obviously. There you go. And now you're all set to go pew quietly, okay?

SureFire Warcomp

Trijicon ACOG

My optic setup here, Trijicon ACOG with an RMR offset. You guys have already seen plenty of videos of talking about LPVOs, talking about offset sights, and I really do like this because I can go from my non-adjustable magnified here to a red dot very quickly. And then I can go for that kind of CQB type setup if I want, right? Also, too, let's talk about furniture really quick. B5 Systems, I think probably makes some of the best furniture out there. I really love their SOCOM stock and also their grip.

Trijicon ACOG

Magpul MS1 Sling

Slings, I think are an absolute must for a duty firearm. You never know when you need to go, hands, you might need to actually use your hands instead of just holding your gun, right? So it's nice to have a sling here, and this is the Magpul MS1 sling. It's a sling I've had for years, and it's still alive and kicking. And you guys might notice I just have it pretty much retained using a ranger band, but if I want to get to it, I'll either simply break the band and just pull this guy out. But typically, like I said, I don't want to break it right now though, because I plan on using it again. But there you go. Not difficult to get to. And then with the Magpul series slings, it has this adjustable piece on it here, which makes it very nice to get either really close and tight to the body. I'm a huge fan of two point slings, just like this, but if I need to engage, boom, I'm here and I can keep it close, again, to the body. Easy enough, right? So definitely a fan of that. All right.

Magpul MS1 Sling


Also, two grips. Grips are something I like to use. This is a TangoDown vertical grip. This is their standard grip here. And it also has a cutout for the SureFire pressure pad, which is pretty neat, but I'm not running a SureFire on this one. Maybe I will one day. I'm actually thinking about maybe going Modlite and trying out those ideas, but they utilize a SureFire pressure pad, so that would be kind of cool.

Streamlight TLR-1

But what I'm running right now, since I run this guy mostly in the daytime, I do have a Streamlight TLR-1 up here just forward of the front sight post. And it's very easy for me to actuate this guy by the way I typically hold, which is just like this right here. And then I can actuate this light by using the tab when needed, right? But if I know I'm going to be mostly daylight and I don't want it, I simply just untwist a screw and take it off. But it ain't going nowhere when it's tightened down, so I have confidence in that. And if my optic were to fail me or anything like that, both of them were to fail me, I've got my tertiary optic, which is your iron sights. It's just enough to clear the front sight post if needed. And then I've got my Knight's rear sight right back here. Also, the LaRue Tactical RCO QD mount, I think is awesome. Even says, because it is utilized by the Marines, RCO Semper Fi. Pretty sweet, right? All right.

Streamlight TLR-1

Daniel Defense RIS II

Anyway, this is my Colt M4 setup and how I like it right now. And again, I'm looking for something rugged and durable. The RIS II rail by Daniel Defense, I think is probably one of the best and most durable rails on the market. However, it's a quad rail, it's picatinny, it's going to be a little bit heavier. This is not that light of a setup, it's not light at all in general or thinking about it. But if I'm wanting something that's going to be durable, reliable, I want anything I have on the rail, because who knows, I might throw some IR or laser or whatever else on here. I want it to hold zero, okay? And its mounting system and everything else here Daniel Defense has is just phenomenal. And I'm a huge fan of the setup so far, who knows, it might change. It'll change one day. But anyway, let's talk about another 16 inch setup with an LWRC.

Daniel Defense RIS II Hanguard

Now, if you're looking for something that doesn't have as much of all the tacticool, high-speed stuff that I've got going on with mine, something like this right here, I think is probably even still more than what most people need, right? The only reason I say that is because of the ACOG. Now, this is Ryan's LWRCI-DI gun, which I think is a phenomenal rifle by the way. And typically, if I'm wanting to go for the most rugged, durable thing, I wouldn't... Me personally, would immediately go to M-LOK. The only reason I think that is just because I have a very old school style of thinking, because I'm still issued an M16, M4 with the quad rail and all that stuff. And the rifles I'm issued probably actually aren't as zero capable or as capable of holding zero as my RIS II on my Colt here. But this guy, the way LWRC mounts up their M-LOK to their upper receiver, okay, it's durable. It's super durable. It's going to hold zero. And this is a rugged firearm. I would have no problem trusting this guy, again, in that duty type situation.

So this guy here does have the Modlite on it, and this is probably what I'm going to go for on my build. Modlite makes some excellent, excellent lights if you're interested. And this does have the SureFire pressure pad on it, the SR07 pad is what I think it is. And it's nice and bright. And yeah, they do a phenomenal job. Also, Ryan decided to go through with the Magpul, their rail covers here, and then also the hand stop. And this is actually a perfect position. Everything about this as nice, slim, and sleek, and it's lightweight. If you are thinking about a duty gun and you're going to be carrying it around for a while, you might want to think lightweight, right? I'd be in trouble with my Colt. No, not really, not if you actually work out and train. But anyway, this guy feels really good. Again, slick and lightweight. I trust this rail, especially LWRC and everything about it.


Lancer mags, too, are phenomenal. I run Lancer and PMAG mostly, and also, too, the Okay Industries SureFeed mags, love those. If you're in the market for GI mags. Also, a B5 Systems stock on this guy here. The grip is the standard LWRCI grip. And it's one that I've actually grown to like. Well, I've always liked it actually. Not a fan of the A2 grip that you get on most of your ARs that are brand new right out of the box, your standard AR or a Barrett. But that's okay, it's still a Barrett. But I would immediately change that out as I typically do, as you guys saw with the B5 Systems on my AR. But anyway, iron sights are a good backup, of course. And I think, Ryan, the only thing he needs to get on this guy is a sling. Let's go ahead and talk about another type of sling. I showed you guys the Magpul MS1 two point, let's show another one on my MK18.

You guys already know I was going to bring out my MK18. Y'all know how much I love this gun. And for awhile I was rolling my Vortex LPVO on this guy, but I was really missing the holographic site, my EOTECH and magnifier are just... It's really just fun to do that. Just flip that guy over. Now, you've got three power if you want it, right?

Lancer AR-15 Magazine


McLean Corp Sling

But anyway, the sling I'm running on this guy is a McLean Corp sling, and I am not a fan of single point slings, all right? I'm going to go and throw that out there. And this is a single point sling. And you're like, "Well, wait a minute. If you're not a fan of it, why are you running it?" Well, because McLean Corp has actually come out and designed a single point sling that's functional and has an administrative carry. And I'm going to go and show you guys exactly what I mean by that, all right? Again, I'm using a ranger band just to retain the sling, so that way it's not just slopping around. And if I need to get it out and fast and actually engage the firearm, I still have access to all my controls without the sling getting in the way. And I can still shoot if need be, right? Easy enough.

So anyway, the sling on this guy, boom, just like this here. Kind of reminds me of a three point almost like what I'm issued. You have that strap running right here, but this is part of your single point. And what's super nice is this little piece right here. All you have to do is just pull forward and back and it unlatches itself, and you can do it very quickly if you need to. So if I'm here... Especially with training and that's really the biggest thing, train with your firearms. Get used to the gear you're running, and run it under stress and duress. Put your stuff through the grinder because you don't know, at the end of the day, if it's going to perform unless you've been in a crappy situation. Put it this way, if you can, exceed the stress on your gear than any other situation might put you in, right? What I'm trying to say is be rough with your stuff. And if it doesn't perform on a training basis, then it's not going to perform in a real life scenario.

So anyway, right here, just out, in, and you're ready to go. I'm a fan of that. Granted, I try to keep everything to a minimum as far as extra things I need to do to get my firearm in the fight, right? If need be, I could come up and shoot from here. It's not the most comfortable thing, but if I need to shoot it fast, I can. If I see something coming or whatever, and if I just carry it like this here, I'm good to go, out, in, and I'm ready. And if I need to drop it fast, I can, no big deal.

But like I said, I'm not a huge fan of single points, because sometimes when you do that drop it fast or whatever else, hits you in an area you don't want it to go. But they've designed this one to do it very well. And then once things have calmed down and I can go back and being into a comfortable situation, I can go here, and now I'm off hand, or on hand, whatever you want to call it. But anyway, other neat thing about this sling, too, is the fact that I can without, maybe, hitting the wall behind me, do this guy right here, sling it behind my back. And now I can climb, do whatever I need, and then still get my firearm back up and ready to go with ease. I'm definitely a fan of it, all right?


Okay. Other things I've got on this guy here, you guys already see the EOTECH, B5 Systems, again, stock and grip. There's one of these SureFeed mags that I was talking about before. I'm running a Streamlight on this guy here, which has been performing pretty well for me. Every now and then, this is one I've had for a while though, the pressure pad doesn't exactly agree with me. And what I mean by that is it's not all the time actuating, so that's something that concerns me a little bit. And is another reason why I'm thinking about maybe going to Modlite, SureFire, something like that, or I could simply replace the pressure pad. It's been a while since I've had it.

All right. SureFire WARCOMP, this is the closed muzzle device on it. This one right here mimics the A2 flash hider, but it is a comp. You'll notice you got the ports right up top here. It also will allow me to QD my silencer, as you guys probably have seen this shot a lot on this channel. And I have several, several thousand rounds through this rifle. And yes, this is a short-barreled rifle with no issues. Also, the trigger we're running on all of the setups you've seen have been Geisseles. I've got the Super Dynamic in my Colt, got the Super Single-Stage on this guy here. Huge fan of Geissele. All right.

Other gun I want to talk about is this Knight's right here. You saw it at the intro of the video and yeah, we're not done with this one yet though. We're still making this to be kind of like my dream AR, but this time they're at least telling me we're giving it away. Because when they gave me that Glock that I could custom build and they were like, "Hey, do everything you could ever possibly want with this Glock." Cool. And then they made me give it away. I thought it was like a bonus or something, it wasn't a bonus.

But anyway, the Knight's here they told me, "Yeah, we're actually planning on giving this away." And so, I want to throw some of the most high-end, cool equipment we can on this guy. I'm planning on throwing a B5 stock on it, maybe a different grip as well. I'm thinking maybe a laser of some sort, definitely a flashlight. What do you guys want on this gun? It's already coming with the Vortex Razor HD 1 to 10 LPVO, which is amazing. And the Leupold mounts, the Knight rear sight, and it's a Knight's Armament SR-15. What more could you want, right?

Anyway, LPVOs, we have an entire video about are these the future of optics? And I think so. And for good reason, all right? Go check that video out for more information, and drop a comment down below what you guys think as far as a duty setup goes. I know I can trust this rifle for sure. My Colt, yes, I'm comfortable with it. Yes, definitely my MK18, that LWRC for sure. What are your guys' go to rifles as far as a duty setup? Home defense has its own place, right? And of course, every duty setup might have a different purpose. Mission will dictate your gear, right?

I know somebody's typing right now, "Mission, what are you some sort of operators or something?" No, but you never know. Your mission is your purpose for your firearm. Like I said, could be a truck gun, could be a home defense gun, could be a everyday carry for all I know. I don't know. I don't know what you do. Some of you guys might be law enforcement, armed security, whatever else it is, and you're just trying to look for decent gear. I feel you, all right? So let me know down in the comments section what you guys are looking for when it comes to your duty setup.

And last gun I want to talk about is our current giveaway, which isn't this guy, yet. It's this guy, little bit bigger. And when it comes to duty setup, this is for, I don't know, multiple vehicles and stuff. This right here is the Barrett M107 that we're currently giving away with the EOTECH Vudu optic. You've got only a short little while left to get your entries in on here. And yeah, it's coming with this guy, too. Does that just look like scribble? I don't know. That's Alex Zedra's signature on a .50 cal casing that she shot, pulled the trigger on. And that's coming with the giveaway. We are working with her on this giveaway, so go check out her video in collaboration with us announcing this as our giveaway. And of course, get your entries in at Hit that top banner and it's going to show you all the cool ways to get your entries. Code word: Zedra, Z-E-D-R-A. God bless you guys, and we'll see you next time at

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