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The New G4 Panzer AR-12 Shotgun

Gen 4 Panzer AR-12, I think so. Yeah.

Hey everybody, Clint here with Classic Firearms, out here today at Take Aim Training and Range, and what a great day to be back at the range. A little bit of overcast, a little bit of sunshine, perfect weather. I advise all of you guys to go outside and do something. If it's not shooting because you don't have the ammo, then obviously you missed our last ammo drops. So remember, sign up to be receiving those text alerts by texting, video, down below, or simply taking a photo of this QR code. It'll then prompt you to get signed up for those text alerts, that way you know when that next ammo rush comes in, all right?

Panzer Arms Gen 4 Panzer AR-12

But anyway, with that being said, we're out here with the new Gen 4 Panzer AR-12. And since we got these lightweight boys in, I was like, "All right, let's take it the range." You already saw a mag dump of it. It works good and it feels good to shoot. The AR 12 is a semiautomatic, magazine-fed, gas operated 12 gauge shotgun. And talk about cool, the new Gen 4, you've obviously got these cool little cutouts and everything else for weight reduction right up here. Now this is a full 20 inch barrel and it does come with different choke tubes. So you do have that threaded internal barrel there, nice. Overall, just really cool.

So let's take a couple of more shots with this guy with some more slugs. Shooting some federal slugs, about a little over 1,600 feet per second, one ounce slugs, rifled two and three quarter. Let's take a shot at the steel target over here.

Oh man. So that definitely hits hard and feels good to shoot. Now you might notice that, yeah, it's got a little bit of recoil behind it and that's simply because I am shooting some high brass, full powered loads. Now, granted, I'm not shooting some three inch loads here, just two and three quarter. So it's not all that terrible. And if you've shot a shotgun before, this is going to come easy to you.

Panzer Arms AR-12 G4

Similar, Not Identical

What's really cool about it is the fact that it's semi-auto and, being an AR-12, has very similar, not identical, but very similar AR controls. One of which is your magazine release that you see right here, I've got one more in the chamber here, empty mag. Does come with two, five-round mags, which is pretty cool. And interesting little thing about the magazine, I don't know how useful this might be to some of you guys out there, but you'll notice this grip texture right up here, that's so you can have a spare mag mounted right up here to the Picatinny and it acts as a grip if you want it to. Like I said, I don't know how useful that would be for me, but maybe for some of y'all that want to keep your mags on your gun, there you go. There's a solution for you, all right?

But anyway, you also have a just left-hand side safety. Right now I'm on safe because remember, there is still one in the tube here, one in the chamber, whatever you want to say, but also a similar bolt catch, bolt release. All right. Very cool. So let's take that last shot and we'll see that last round bolt hold open. Oh man, that feels good. So there's that last round bolt hold open in action, all right? And you will notice that it is a right-hand side charging, okay? And to send the bolt home, just slap it like you would any other AR, okay? Good day.

All right. Now, like I said, this guy is lightweight, six and a half pounds. Wow, that is great. Especially whenever you've got this optics-ready platform here. Well, I say optics ready, but it does come with these folding polymer backup sights. So not bad. And then of course you've also got a polymer stock right back here. No adjustable length of pull on it, but you do have a adjustable comb height, which is very nice. The length of pull, I will say on my 5'9", 160 pound frame, that this is actually a very comfortable length of pull. I don't feel like it's too close to my body nor is it too far away, and I feel like I'm having to extend myself. But all of it is very ergonomic on this guy. Even the grip over here has this nice rubber over-molded grip. Kind of reminds me a little bit of a Hogue, little bit, but it does feel really good.

The Trigger

What about the trigger? Let's check out the trigger on this guy. So let's go ahead and just see. So far just shooting it, it feels pretty good, but let's go ahead and start applying a little bit of pressure, and it just goes. Let's check out the reset. A little bit of travel, but not bad. Nice audible reset on this guy and a really good look to it also. You'll notice the new Gen 4 has got the AR-12 engraved in the rail. Of course, on the rail too, you'll notice it's got a real thin profile to it, which I like a lot. It allows me to get a really good grip and control of the firearm when shooting it.

So, I mean, again, I can have this thing completely touching fingertips here, easy day. And I can really run and drive this shotgun, which is great. So if you're a competitive shooter out there looking for an affordable semi-auto AR platform shotgun, definitely check out the new Gen Panzer AR-12. Very cool. Also, too, you'll notice that the front of the fore-end here, you do have a quad rail, essentially. So you've got Picatinny going all the way around. So for any other type of grips, lights, anything like that you have on it, you can. You might see what looks like M-lok slots here. I tried a couple of M-lok pieces on there, it looks like it might be a little too thick, though. So it may be their own proprietary. If I could get that out, goodness gracious, proprietary mounting system. So just keep that in mind.

But it does also have a QD swivel right back here, or I should say a QD mount, so if you want to attach a sling to it, you can. And of course, all these pieces back here, you can sling up your... or I guess you could say wrap around your sling, mount it up however you want. Easy day, right?

Panzer Arms AR-12 G4 P2

Live Fire

Now I also have a magazine full of some BNP buckshot here. Let me go ahead and just show you guys what we are shooting. So again, here's the federal 12 gauge, two and three quarter of one ounce slugs and those are rifled. Very cool for it's pleasure. And then of course, this is the BNP that you see right here, all right? Easy day, nine pellets, double ought buck, 1,400 feet per second, two and three quarter, high brass. Let's give it a shot here, see how it performs in the AR-12.

Another thing that I like what they've done with this, again, it has everything to do with the weight mitigation, little lightening cuts anywhere they could to try to break up the weight, looks good and it keeps down the weight, which is nice. Let's go ahead and give this guy a shot on Mr. Handselect here. Let's see what kind of spread we're getting at about maybe 15 yards or so.

Oh yeah. So yes, I forgot that I put the pink can behind it because, well, we ran out. But anyway, you can see where the wad hit him in the lower right. Let's go and give another shot here. Aiming center mass. In fact, let's just go and see what our shot placement looks like on this guy, just with those two shots. So the wads themselves seem to be carrying to the right just a little bit. I am aiming center mass, but you can go ahead and see just what type of spread we have with these guys. And that's just two shots there. Ooh, that's fun.

Let's back it up just a little bit here, let's take another couple of shots. And notice, too, the recoil on this guy. Again, if you've been behind a shotgun before, this thing is easy to manage, all right? So again, basic shotgun stance, right? Shotgun stance, basic shooting stance. Get on it. Bend a little bit at the hips here, lean in to. Feels good.

Boom. There we go. Last round bolt hold open working good, that gas operation on this guy feels good too. And let's just see how Mr. Handselect is holding up. By the way, y'all remind me down in the comments. I need to get some more paint to paint up our targets, just ran out.

Anyway. Yeah, Anyway, there we go. So we can still see all of our hits, nice center mass here. And as you can imagine, that's going to be doing some work. Does not look like a good time for any intruders, right? Speaking of which, this guy, I have seen a few comments on our checkout notes and everything about this guy, about using it for home defense. Me personally, I think it's a little long, it does have a 20 inch barrel, but if that's what you're comfortable with, as long as you're training with it and everything else, great. Just like I said, get out there and actually practice, shoot with it.

Panzer Arms AR-12 G4 Digital Camo


But overall, phenomenal shotgun shooting. Great. I've only got a couple of rounds through it today, as you can see, but it's shooting well right out the box. Haven't lubed it up or oiled or anything and it's functioning great. Before I hit on a couple more points and finish this video out, let me go wash my hand real quick before I get white paint all over this gun.

And we're back with a couple more loaded up mags, ready to go here. And this one I've got not staggered because I just wanted to change it up a little bit, but I've got my first three shots, all being slugs, my last two being the buckshot. So I'm going to go three on still, two on Mr. Handselect and then in my back pocket, I've got the exact same rounds, except reverse. Let's go ahead and just... let's have some fun with this guy here.

Oh yeah, that's what I am talking about. Load that up. Just like you would any AR. This thing rocks, guys. It is a lot of fun. So like I said, if you are in the market for maybe a new competition AR shotgun, then definitely check out the Gen 4 Panzer. These things are just so much fun. And again, I can't get over the weight of this guy. It only being six and a half pounds on loaded. Granted, once you throw an optic on there, if you want to throw any type of aftermarket grips or whatever, that's all completely up to you, of course.

But I think it's a great option, especially for the price point, because typically I see something like this, especially in today's market, 1,000 bucks, right? Far below that, okay? So I'm just throwing that out there, which by the way, prices as you guys know of everything are increasing, but look at gas prices and all that stuff, it's crazy, I know. But hang in there, at least we are getting the availability of some ammunition. I'll refer back to what I was talking about before. So hey, there you go, it's nice to find something on the market that's still quality, fun to shoot, affordable, and as far as I can tell, 12 gauge is something that I actually still have quite a bit of laying around. So maybe you guys are in the same boat as me and you might just be looking at more shotguns.

By the way, this little thing, you might notice me every now and then, on an empty mag make sure you rock it in the follower, I guess, to prevent you from loading a empty mag. Has this little piece that pulls out here, once you load it, it's no big deal, and you can just go ahead and load it like you would a standard AR, which is great. But it does have this little tab that sticks out. Again, I guess, just to prevent you from loading an empty mag. But yeah, there you go.

Also too, secret compartment for all your goods right down here in the pistol grip, you've got this little latch that you just push down on and pull out, and I dropped it, but there you go, all right? Anyway, that again, is the Gen 4 AR-12 Panzer. Fun shooting shotgun, for sure. AR controls, so most of us are pretty familiar or at least know our way around an AR-15. And if you're looking to get into the 12 gauge game and have a lot of fun, then definitely check out the new Gen 4s because they are a lot of fun.


With that being said, you know what else is a lot of fun? Our current giveaway. And our current giveaway is that beefy Scar 20S chambered in 7.62 NATO, with... I love this Trijicon ACOG, it's a five and a half power with a 50 millimeter objective lens. And yeah, it's a thick boy as Alek likes to say, but it's a lot of fun. We also included an Accu-Tac Bipod on it. So if you're looking for that long range, precision type firearm chambered in 308, still a very common cartridge, go ahead and check out our current giveaway, which again, you can get your entries in at, no cost to you, unlimited entries by the way.

And also, it's not who has the most entries, all it takes is one. We use a system called gleam that automatically or randomly selects a winner, come time. And you've only got a couple of days left on that guy, so don't miss out. Actually, no, you've got like a day left, like this is it. So don't miss out, all right?

Again, codeword, DMR, designated marksman rifle, to get those entries that you need to win. Don't miss out guys. Again, check out all of our Panzer products. Oh, and don't forget too, magazines for this guy, you can get them extendo if you want. If five just isn't enough for you, want to go 10, bigger, whatever it might be, definitely check that out, all right? Don't miss out. God bless you guys, and we'll see you next on

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