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Why Is The AK So Good?

My first real centerfire rifle was a Romanian WASR-10 rifle. This bare-bones AKM proved to be a very reliable and robust rifle that served me well for over a decade without malfunction, parts breakage, or issue. My experience with the AK series of guns is not unique in any way, and I'm betting most AK owners will testify to the same. If you're not an AK owner, you may be wondering what makes the AK so good as a rifle, and why is it so popular for both the civilian market and the worldwide military market? 

Popularity Explained 

A lot of things popularized the AK as the rifle standard across the world. While the gun is often associated with Soviet State, Communist countries, and poor backwoods across the globe, the weapon has gone beyond that. Countries around the globe often use some form of modernized AK variant. 

One of the biggest reasons why the gun is so popular is because it works, and logistically it makes sense. The Soviets passed out AKs around the world to anyone who showed a moderate amount of communist sympathy. Production across the Warsaw Pact states also saw tons of factories churning out guns, magazines, and ammo for the weapon. Rifles win battles, but logistics win wars. 

The AK series is popular for more than just it's logistical capacity though. 

Romanian WASR-10 AK Rifle


If you ever take an AK apart, you'll recognize how simple the weapon is. It's so ridiculously well designed that it's rare when one doesn't work. Under the dust cover is tons of space that allow for carbon grit, grime, dirt, and mud to build up without the gun failing to function. The AK is a gun that runs and runs with little maintenance or care. 

It's not ammo picky, and generally spits out the dirtiest and worst ammunition you can find for it without issue. The weapon is reliable, and a reliable rifle is often a blanket of comfort in uncertain times. 

Century Arms Romanian GP WASR AK-47

Ease of Use 

On top of being reliable, the AK series is just easy to use. It's rare you have to clean a rifle, but when you do, the work is insanely easy and done very quickly with minimal tools or materials needed. A rag and some oil will get it done. 

The weapon is laid out so easily a caveman could figure out how to load, make ready, and shoot it. The sights are simple but effective, the safety is massive and apparent, and with about ten minutes of instruction, a user can be ready to fire the rifle. Out to 300 yards or so, the gun is incredibly useful, and the simple cartridge has no issues power-wise. 

M+M Industries M10X Magpul Zhukov-S AK

It's an AK Duh 

The AK series has served and continues to serve its role as dozens of countries’ main battle rifles for a reason, they kick ass. They are lightweight, reliable, easy to use, and never picky when it comes to ammo or maintenance. The AK series are awesome guns, and while they aren't the prettiest or most modern, they achieve their objective with little complaint. The AK is a workhorse of a rifle, and that's why it's so damn good. 

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