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Yugo M70 Type AK Rifle - Model N-PAP Gen II - Semi-Auto , High Cap - 7.62x39 caliber

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Yugo M70 AK-Type Rifle, N-PAP Gen II with Side Rail and 2-30 Round Mags
Nice Serbian Made Yugo M70 AK Rifle, 7.62x39 caliber with Beautiful Teak Wood Furniture.

This is the Generation II Rifle which features a Side Rail for Scope Mount.

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Yugo M70 Type AK Rifle - Model N-PAP Gen II - Semi-Auto , High Cap - 7.62x39 caliber

Yugo M70 AK-Type Rifle, N-PAP Gen II with Side Rail and 2-30 Round Mags
Nice Serbian Made Yugo M70 AK Rifle, 7.62x39 caliber with Beautiful Teak Wood Furniture.

This is the Generation II Rifle which features a Side Rail for Scope Mount.


Yugo M70 Type AK Rifle - Model N-PAP Gen II - Semi-Auto , High Cap  - 7.62x39 caliber

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Additional Information

Product Specs
  • Barrel: 16.25" with a 1:10 twist
  • Overall: 36.25"
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs. 
  • Condition: New
  • side rail mount
Caliber 7.62x39
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

Brutus' Description

 Yugo M70 AK-47 Style N-PAP Rifle, 7.62x39, Semi-Auto W / 2 - 30 Round Mags

Made in the same factory that produced top quality rifles for former Yugoslavia like the M70B1 and M70AB2, our newly manufactured PAP rifles

are the semi-auto version of the famous military series  M70 rifles. These beauties are the latest imports from the world famous Zastava factory.

This one is the HI-CAP PAP Classic and features a full teak wood stock matching fore end wood and an ergonomic pistol grip.
It also features a hammer forged barrel, specialized safety lever, and factory buttpad.

Unlike the first batch of imports this new second generation rifle also has a built in side rail mount for true hold accuracy when mounting a scope.
Rifle features a Beautiful Teakwood Stockand forearm and ergonomically shaped molded and textured pistol grip.  

Comes complete with Two 30 round AK-47mags.....

Barrel: 16.25" with a 1:10 twist, Overall: 36.25", Weight: 7.7 lbs. Condition: New.

Rifle also features an exclusive safety lever design that also acts as a bolt lock / hold open for ultimate safety and lightning fast chambering.
( See Image ) 

Rifle comes complete with 2-30 round mags and cleaning rod.  Mag types may vary. 

Legally accepts all high cap mags and drums regardless of country of origin.  

Receivers are stamped but slightly heavier than typical stamped receivers.  These are built like tanks.... 

 If you can only have one AK in your Arsenal let me suggest the N-PAP Gen II.

The Yugo AK's are regarded as some of the finest quality AK rifles in the world and these are no exception. 
Extremely well made with very tight tolerances - These rifles will feed, function and fire flawlessly for thousands and thousands of rounds. 

Note - Some images show rifle with optional scope and mount. These photo's are informational only to demonstate how rifle accepts scope and mount. 
Scopes, Mounts, and Scope Packages Sold Seperately.   

Manufacturer's Description

Nice Serbian Made M70 N-PAP 7.62x39 caliber AK Rifle, Beautiful Teak Wood Furniture, High Capacity.

This 2nd generation Rifle features a side rail for scope mount,  a 45 degree compensator and  Accepts All High Cap Mags and Drums.

Additional Information

Product Specs
  • Barrel: 16.25" with a 1:10 twist
  • Overall: 36.25"
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs. 
  • Condition: New
  • side rail mount
Caliber 7.62x39
Gauge N/A
Free Shipping No

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Customer Reviews

Fantastic firearm
Review by Deadeye on 3/25/14
The video link says it all.
Video Review
Shooting the Zastava made NPAP Gen II AK-47
Uploaded by R. Neil Smith
Great AK at a Great Price!
Review by steve56 on 3/16/14
First off Classic Firearms was great doing business with. I really liked the emails updating me on ever aspect of the shipping process. Rifle arrived in great shape, took it out shooting and put over 100 rounds through it not a single problem. 4 different brand of ammo and 4 different brands of mags all worked perfectly.
Built like a tank!
Review by JR on 3/6/14
Fit and finish of the rifle was even better than expected. As soon as i picked up the rifle, i immediately noticed the weight. Some people might see this as a disadvantage but that just tells me this thing can go through hell and back and still keep kicking. Its also with noting that everything on the rifle is very tight! Safety lever is hard to manipulate but is slowly getting worked in, also had very little mag wobble. Rather have a tight rifle than a rickety loose one. As for firing, its great and a blast to unload a clip but i just have one thing to say: get ready for that yugo slap incheek if you don't hold that rifle tight!
Review by seany on 3/4/14
New rules would not permit me to receive the rifle. Funny, x military, married for yrs, in my fortys, and they think they can take away my 2nd ammendment rights. NEVER, bunch of dumbasses. Wish the rest of new york would wake up and defend the rights of honest, hard working americans. So, now that my rant is over, do you have any ak-styles which would be legal in ny now. Or perhaps any pre-ban style aks which i can lawfully purchase?
Very Pleased
Review by James on 2/14/14
After searching around, Classic Firearms had the best deal anywhere.
I am very pleased with my rifle. Rock solid and exactly what I wanted.
There was a slight issue with the magazines that came with my purchase. Classic made that problem more than right. Customer service of the caliber I received from Classic Firearms is rare these days. They have earned my respect and I will do business with them again. Thanks Classic!
Freakin' Awesome!!!
Review by Marc on 2/12/13
I bought 3 of these. I read all the reviews, went to different blogs, and even a magazine article about these rifles. They are absolutely perfect. The wood is the stand-out feature. Every person who sees my Yugo wants to hold it and inspect it.
As a shooter, it loads, ejects, and fires all the steel ammo I throw at it.
NOTE - I was a little concerned about the side rail scope mount when I first bought it. I ordered a Quick Detach scope mount. It was too short. I emailed Classic and they suggested a UTG973 Scope Mount. Ordered it the next day. It fit perfect. I mounted a TruGlo Red Dot, sighted it in, and was on top of the world.
I love this gun and I am very happy with the purchase. If you buy it, you will be the envy of your buds.
PS...the bolt hold open feature ROCKS!
Review by TimberWolf on 1/20/13
I did alot of online research before finnaly deciding on purchasing this rifle. I am very impressed with the rifle. It truly is built like a tank. I have ran a few hundred rounds through mine with no jams or problems whatsoever. Flawlessly reliable AK operation!
Accuracy is better than the average AK. I upgraded my sights to the Techsights AK200Y and the smaller front sight post. This upgrade cut my group size in half. I am now getting 4" groups with this rifle at 100 yards.
I was getting the cheek bite problem with my rifle. I asked around on forums and it was finnaly recomended that I moved my cheek weld position so that my nose was as close to the reciever as I could get it. This made the cheek bite problem go away. It seems to me that because the warsaw type stocks or so short many american shooters have there cheek weld to far back on the stock which causes the uncomfortable cheek bite problem.
The rifle runs all metal millitary surplus mags. No problem. The tapco type mags will work but will probably need some dremel work to fit in the magwell and lock into position.
The best option I found for adding a rear sling mount is the Echo Nine Three model V6. You just unbolt your pistol grip and slide the V6 into position and bolt the pistol grip back on on top of it.
I give the rifle 5 stars because of the excellent reliability, and above average accuracy for an AK.
I recomend you upgrade to some techsights or an optic to get the most out of this rifles accuracy. With the techsights all my 100 yards groups have been in the bullseye and the 10 ring with a few in the nine ring.
Other recomended upgrades are a better muzzle brake (AK74 style), better pistol grip (Houge), and the E93 V6 sling mount.
Thanks, and I hope this review is helpful to someone.
TimberWolf out.
Review by KEITH on 1/19/13
Nice Shooting Rifle!
Review by Wayne M on 12/30/12
Bought the N-PAP Gen II on 12/18. Received at my FFL on the 27th. The delay in departure for my order was caused by the glut of orders you recieved in mid December.

Rifle was received in excellent condition with no damage from shipping. All S/N's on weapon were matching.

Ran ~30 rds of Wolf 123 Gr FMJ through with no problems whatsoever. Rifle was also accurate right out of the box with no sight adjustments required as of now.

I am impressed with the overall quality of this rifle. The furniture and receiver are as advertised. The front trunion and receiver were not "Hogged" out as has been posted on the web in various places. This rifle is built (not modified) to accept Hi-Cap mags. I think that the "Hogged" out receivers and trunions were associated with the "Gen I" rifles.

Overall, I'm impressed with the M70 PAP Gen II rifle. My only gripes are that the rifle doesn't come with a rear sling swivel on the rear stock nor does it have a bayonet lug. Also on my rifle, the gas tube guard will move slightly and will have to be tightened somehow.

With a rear stock swivel and a bayonet lug, this rifle easily gets a review 5 stars.
Beautiful and badass!
Review by Nico Toscani on 12/20/12
Absolute pleasure dealing with Classic first of all.

Got the shooters package mainly for the nice case. The extra goodies will end up being stashed away. Tapco mags needed a little dremel work to get them to fit and there's a little wobble to them. Sling can't be readily used due to lack of rear mount.

Beautiful wood furniture and craftsmanship overall, although the front sight block has a minor visible cant. Hopefully not bad enough to prevent zeroing. Hi-cap magwell conversion looks really professional. No hack job like I've read reports of.

Not sure how she fires yet, but I won't be putting any corrosive ammo through her virgin barrel, that's for sure. Cleaning rod was m.i.a. but I emailed support and they replied apologetically. One was promptly mailed to my house. (Thanks Ben)
Good Shooting Rifle
Review by Larry G on 12/17/12
Rec'd my first Yugo rifle and when I got it out of the box, I was impressed with it. Disassemblied and inspected it, it was clean and oiled with no concerns. Shoot around 200 rounds this weekend and no hang ups or nothing. It just continued to fire if you feed it ammo. Shooting 100 yards and exploding shaving cream cans with the scope. EASY to tear down and clean in minutes. It looks and fires GREAT. If your looking for a great rifle and can't decide....pull the trigger and get this one while they are available and with a good price. Great product Classic....
Awesome gun
Review by MarkA on 12/16/12
I bought one of the first gen rifles. Beautiful gun! Furniture is very nice. Fit and finish are great. Excellent service from Classic.
Review by Tiger Tim on 12/13/12
OMG. Great rifle!
This one is done right folks.
Took apart, no need to clean. Well oiled.
No burs, all new parts.
Thicker receiver, heavier barrel, gorgeous wood. Gun is remarkably lightweight. Got shooters kit. Bulldog case ( floats). Tapco mags needed little sanding, but worked fine.
Neighbors mad, shooting it to much.
Fires soft points very well
Review by Trapper on 12/13/12
The conversion to high capacity is very well done. Magazines fit well with no wobble. I had read some reviews 'elsewhere' that soft points could be an issue. Not so! I shot 154 grain soft points just fine with both metal and Tapco magazines. This rifle may become my favorite. There's just one drawback I found: there were some dings in the wood upon delivery. I'm not sure if that happened at the factory or during delivery. That's the only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5.
Great price on a very good rifle
Review by Michael on 12/11/12
Received my new rifle last week, cleaned it and took it out to shoot it on Saturday. What a great shooting rifle. Well balanced and rapid recovery to aim point after recoil. Smooth and short pull on the Tapco trigger. Very accurate right out of the box and fun to shoot. Excellent dealer to work with.
Great gun
Review by Chris on 12/9/12
This is just an update on my previous review. I took the gun to the range yesterday. I put about 200 rounds through it without any issues. Not one failure to feed or fire. I am pleased with the purchase of this gun. It is my new favorite gun in my collection.
Yugo M70 PAP Gen II
Review by Rex Cramer on 12/6/12
Here's my $0.02

The rifle shipped the next day after purchase and made it to my FFL only a few days after that without a scratch. Good work Classic!

Upon inspection, everything looked great. I cleaned everything except the gas tube, so Im not sure if there were any metal shards like some have mentioned in their weapon (but I will be doing that soon).

The 1 orig. mag that came with the gun worked great and as advertised (kept the bolt open after the last round). I hear people complaining about the Tapco, but it truly is an easy fix to wear off the excess to make it fit. If you want something perfect immediately, get the steel mags. (I used some Polish ones as well from Midway that were great, but didn't keep the bolt open after the last round)

I must say that the gun shot WAY better than I expected. Mine shoots straight and true. I shot it at 50 and 100 yards and I thought the groupings were excellent. I put 140 rounds of budget Wolf Performance through it without any flaws. So far, Im happy with the purchase.
Nice rifle for the price
Review by Chris on 11/29/12
Got this rifle in today. It feels solid and looks very nice. Took it apart to clean it and there were metal shavings in the gas tube. The bolt carrier sticks a bit on my rifle. There are videos on how to correct this. That is one of the common issues with an AK in this price range. The included sling in the shooters package is useless. It is the wrong sling for this gun. The gun has no rear sling mount anyway. I am taking it out to the range this weekend, hopefully it shoots just fine.
Top Notch!
Review by stan the man on 11/28/12
I'll put this rifle up against a SGL21 Arsenal....It is that nice! For the price of a WASR you get a high quality AK which can only go up
Seems solid, but QC issues
Review by Adam on 11/27/12
I bought this rifle just before it went on sale (figures) and haven't had a chance to fire it yet, but I wanted to highlight some problems just from looking over the rifle:

-In their open letter, Classic Arms mentions that these rifles have had their magazine wells drilled out to accept higher capacity magazines. This isn't a problem for your standard steel mags, but the Tapco Polymer mags they include with the rifle don't fit properly. I had to cut a little bit of the plastic off the top of the Tapco mags to get them to fit, and now it isn't an issue. I'm not sure how many of these rifles Classic has to sell, but I don't think it would take very long to check to see if the mags you are selling with the rifle fit properly
-The sling that comes in the shooter's kit is essentially useless, and not made for this rifle. It is no better than a crappy universal sling you would get from Wal Mart.

-In the shooter's package I ordered, one of the mags they sent me was missing the interal spring and buttplate. To Classic's credit, they shipped me a replacement mag with no questions asked in a matter of days. I'm bummed with the QC of my order, but was impressed with the great customer service.

Other than that, the rifle certainly looks nice and doesn't have the thick coat of cosmoline like other surplus rifles. I hope when I take it to the range I don't have the feed issues that some have reported.

Hi Adam - It is common to have to relieve a little plastic from the latch on the Tapco mags to make them properly fit the rifles. This is not specific the the Yugo PAP rifle, but ALL rifles. Given the fact we sell several hundred Tapco mags per day, we are simply not able to take the time to custom fit all the Tapco mags that come in the shooters packages, etc. Since it is so easy to do, we leave it up to the consumer to perform this task as needed. We are glad you are happy with the rifle and we are certainly happy to have you as a customer. God Bless.....Rick Jones

- The Classic Firearms Team

Great Rifle. Great Service.
Review by Lefty on 11/26/12
Received my Zastava M70 last week. Shipped fast and hassle free!

Broke down and cleaned upon arrival. Some metal shavings in the gas tube and forward receiver area from the conversion. Mags fit properly and the conversion seems very well done!

The scope package offered bolts on perfectly.

I appreciate the open letter addressing some of the concerns about the Zastava conversion rifles, and the extra effort Classic firearms makes to ensure that rifles leaving their store are function tested.

Shot 60 rounds today at the range without a any issues. Looking forward to a long service life from this one.

Seems like a winner to me!
Very well built AKM-47
Review by M70PAP on 11/17/12
Great deal on this M70 PAP Yugoslavian AKM-47 rifle. Got mine delivered within 4 business days. Fast shipping!

Furniture is great for an AK47. I have physically compared this to the WASR-10/63, and hands down, this rifle is my favorite! The teak furniture is great looking, and beats the plywood style furniture on the WASR. As you should expect, this rifle has its rough edges, but you can see that is is definitely a quality piece. 1.6mm RPK heavy duty lower receiver. Although I haven't shot it yet, I can see this one becoming a favorite at the range.