The AR-15 is the most popular semi-auto rifle in the U.S. and for good reason, but Eugene Stoner's original design is not without its flaws. Shooters frequently complain that the mil-spec A2 pistol grip is less comfortable and less effective than the grips of more modern firearms. Fortunately, many companies make replacement pistol grips for the AR-15 that enhance shootability and afford a more secure purchase on the firearm. 

Best AR-15 Grips

What Makes A Good AR-15 Grip? 

There are two basic requirements an AR-15 grip should satisfy. Failure to meet these requirements does not necessarily mean that a grip is bad, just that it may be less optimal than other options available on the market. 

First and foremeost, a pistol grip must fit the hand comfortably. Grips that are too fat or too skinny, have awkward finger groove placement, or do not have the proper length can translate to discomfort and / or reduced control when shooting. 

Grips should also be textured to mitigate unnecessary movement of the firing hand, even when sweaty or wet. This can be achieved with aggressive checkering or through the use of a tacky rubber-like material that is easier to hold onto.

The Best Grip For Your AR-15

As far as upgrades go, swapping out your AR-15 pistol grip is one of the simplest yet most impactful improvements you can make to your rifle. Increased comfort and performance will have a positive effect on your shooting, whether at the range oir during a defensive encounter. Here are some of the best grips available for purchase in 2023.

Hogue AR-15 / M16 15° Vertical Pistol Grip

This molded polymer grip from Hogue features a smooth front strap with non-irritating, non-slip stippling on the sides. The angle of the grip allows for effortless positioning in close quarters, making it an ideal choice for a home defense rifle. 

Hogue 15 Degree AR-15 Grip

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Troy Battle CQB Pistol Grip

For fans of aggressive grip texturing, the Troy Battle CQB grip features a rugged scale pattern to keep the hand in place during use. It also includes a locking storage compartment for convenient access to spare parts in the field. 

Troy Battle CQB Grip

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Hogue AR-15 / M16 Black Rubber Beavertail Grip W/ Finger Grooves

Hogue's rubber beavertail grip utilizes superior ergonomics to provide additional comfort and support. Unlike the mil-spec A2 polymer grip, the finger grooves on this grip are optimally spaced for increased control without irritating the knuckles on the firing hand.

Hogue Rubber AR-15 / M16 Grip

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FosTech Sabre Comfort Grip

As stylish as it is ergonomic, the Sabre Comfort Grip from FosTech is made from overmolded polymer and features multiple texture patterns to minimize slipping when hands are sweaty. It also features a beavertail for a higher purchase and better control. 

FosTech Sabre Comfort Grip

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Command Arms G16 Tactical Grip

The G16 Tactical Grip from Command Arms is rugged and durable, with aggressive checkering and minimal finger grooves for a secure purchase on the firearm. It is a budget-friendly option perfect for the range or self-defense use. 

Command Arms G16 Tactical Grip

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Find Which Grip Works Best For You

These are just a few of the options available to upgrade the pistol grip on your AR-15. Don't be afraid to try several models to see which feels best in your hand and remember, if it fits better then you'll shoot better. 

Watch our video below to learn about other grip options, including the Magpul MOE SL and the BCM Gunfighter!