Top 5 Summer EDC Pistols

The Best Pistols For Summer Concealed Carry

With temperatures rising, many of us are opting to dress more comfortably by shedding layers and donning shorts with light tee shirts. This precludes some shooters from carrying larger firearms on their person, as their body type or their attire causes too much printing to conceal successfully. In such cases, many choose to purchase a designated summertime concealed carry pistol for the warmer weather.

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The summer sun is relentless and to stay cool, many shooters choose to transition to a smaller, lighter concealed carry firearm for the warmer months.
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  • Slim and compact options with plenty of firepower
  • Conceal comfortably with just shorts and a tee shirt
  • The capacity of a full-size handgun in a smaller package

What Makes A Good Warm Weather EDC?

When selecting a semi-auto pistol for summer concealed carry, there are several key factors to consider. Size, weight, and concealability will affect how and where you carry. However, your EDC pistol must still function reliably and possess an adequate capacity to stop a potential deadly threat.

We recommend narrowing your search to slim, micro compact pistols chambered in 9mm with a base capacity of at least 10 rounds. Doing so allows you to strike the optimal balance between concealment and shootability, so you can carry comfortably without compromising your combat efficacy.

Top 5 Summer EDC Pistols

Based on the above criteria, there are a few standout pistols in today's market you should consider for your summer EDC. There's something here for every budget and mission parameter, so you can stay responsibly armed throughout the warmer months - whether you're out hiking or relaxing on a beach.

Canik Mete MC9

The Canik Mete MC9 is an incredibly versatile, budget-friendly option that's ideal for summer carry. Its slim profile makes it easy to conceal while its 12+1 capacity affords shooters plenty of firepower. This pistol is optics ready so you can easily mount your favorite red dot sight, plus it takes all 9mm double stack Canik mags and comes with tons of accessories, including a carry holster.

Glock 43X MOS

Compared to the original Glock 43, the 43X has a slightly longer grip and an increased 10-round capacity for enhanced shootability. Additionally, Glock's MOS model ships with an optics cut and a slim mounting rail for attaching light and laser modules. It's the perfect option for Glock fans looking for a modular yet uber concealable EDC pistol.

Sig Sauer P365X Macro

The Sig Sauer P365X Macro redefined the micro-compact pistol, boasting an impressive 17+1 capacity and an optics-ready slide as standard. And despite its full-size capacity, the P365X Macro is still compact enough to carry discreetly under light summer clothing.

Springfield Hellcat Pro

As its name suggests, the Springfield Hellcat Pro is a powerhouse of a pistol in a compact package. With an impressive 15+1 capacity, this micro-compact 9mm offers plenty of firepower for any self-defense situation. Its adaptive grip texture ensures a firm master grip, while its snag-free design makes it easy to draw from concealment, making it an excellent choice for summer carry.


SAR has cultivated a reputation for producing high-quality yet affordably priced handguns, including the updated SAR9 SC Gen 2 pistol. With features you'd expect to see on a more expensive firearm, including weight relief cuts and wraparound slide serrations, the SAR9 SC is an excellent choice for summer carry - whether you run the flush fit 12-round mags or the 15-round extended mags.

How To Train With Your EDC

Any time you transition to a new carry pistol, it's a good idea to put in a few extra training sessions at the range. Learn how we conceal carry and train with our EDC pistols by watching the video below.

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