Best Retro AR-15s

Best Value Option - Anderson Retro A4

Brand new from Anderson Manufacturing, the Retro A4 series includes several models with various barrel lengths. These are incredibly affordable entry-level rifles with retro furniture and all the features you need on an AR-platform rifle. Watch our video to learn more about each of the rifles below.

Anderson Retro A4 Government

This model features a 20" government profile barrel with a rifle-length gas system. Other features include an A2 buttstock, A2 pistol grip, A2-style plastic clamshell handguard, and an M16-profile bolt carrier group. Ships with one 30-round aluminum magazine.

Anderson Retro A4 20" Government

Check out the Anderson Retro A4 20" Gov't rifle!

Anderson Retro A4 Competition

Combining the same great features of the Government model with an 18" competition profile barrel, this variant offers a greater degree of maneuverability without sacrificing the classic looks of the Retro A4.

Anderson Retro A4 18" Comp Profile Barrel

Check out the Anderson Retro A4 18" Comp rifle!

Anderson Retro A4 Carbine

The Retro A4 Carbine sports a 6-position collapsible M4 buttstock and M4-style handguard, as well as a carbine-length gas system for ultimate reliability. The flat top upper receiver allows for the attachment of a removable carry handle or riser.

Anderson Retro A4 Carbine 16" Barrel Rifle

Check out the Anderson Retro A4 16" Carbine rifle!

Anderson Retro A4 Mid-Length Carbine

This model comes with a 16" government profile barrel and a mid-length gas system. As with all the other Retro A4 rifles from Anderson, it ships with an MBUS rear sight and one 30-round aluminum magazine.

Anderson Retro A4 Mid-Length Rifle

Check out the Anderson Retro A4 16" Mid-Length Carbine rifle!

Best Bang For Your Buck - Stag 15 Retro

The Stag 15 Retro is a modern rifle with old-school styling. It is manufactured to mil-spec standards, with a removable A3 carry handle and a fixed A2 stock. As with all complete AR-15s from Stag, this rifle comes with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty and an Infinite Shot Barrel Guarantee. The rifle ships with one 20-round magazine.

Stag 15 Retro Rifle

Purchase the Stag 15 Retro rifle today!

Most Collectible - Colt AR-15 A4

For pure authenticity and a rifle that will stand out in any collection, you can't beat a Colt AR-15 A4. This is as "throwback" as it gets, with an A2 stock and removable carry handle plus a superb black metal finish. You get the retro look of a proven service rifle along with the quality that Colt is known for. 

Colt AR-15 A4

Purchase the Colt AR-15 A4 today!

Make Your Next Rifle A Retro AR-15

Whether you want the real deal or a budget-friendly rifle with that "classic" look, we've got the retro rifle for you. We also carry a vast assortment of regular AR-platform rifles in various calibers and barrel lengths. Click below to pick out your next rifle today.

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