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What Is An AR-15 Magazine?

What is an AR-15 magazine loader and why you must have one!


Even though my answer may seem a little juvenile and even open-ended, I'm gonna say that a good definition for what an AR-15 magazine is will be any magazine that fits into an AR-15 lower receiver.

AR-15's can be configured to accommodate many calibers of cartridges, which has nothing to do with a standard AR-15 magazine. The only relation is that you need/have to make sure that the cartridge that you are feeding your rifle is the correct cartridge for your AR-15 configuration. 

Of course, the standard .223 REM and the 5.56 NATO are still the most popular, however, there are several other calibers making a leap into becoming standard AR-15 calibers as well. To say that all AR-15 cartridges fit into a standard AR-15 magazine may not be completely true, but it usually works. For the most part, the length is the only variable in preventing proper loading into and feeding from an AR-15 standard magazine. 

Classic Firearms AR-15 223/5.56/.300BLK 30 Round Enhanced Magazine w/ Yellow/Gold Accents



.17 Fireball .440 Corbon - will require a magazine spacer 

.17 Remington .458 SOCOM

.19 Calhoun .458 RMW

.223 Remington .50 AE - will require a magazine spacer

.20 Tactical .50 GI - will require a magazine spacer 

.204 Ruger .50 Beowulf - will require a magazine spacer


.300-221 Fireball

.300 AAC Blackout

.375 Reaper

5.56 NATO

7mm Whisper

7.62 X 40mm

6 X 45mm

6.5 X 45mm


While I am sure that the above is not a complete list, I hope that I hit on some of the more popular AR-15 calibers.

AR-15 Steel .223/5.56 40rd Magazine



There are AR-15 magazines that range from 5 to 100 rounds of ammunition capacity. There are box magazines, casket magazines. drum magazines, and snail magazines. The standard capacity for an AR-15 magazine is twenty to thirty rounds.

Hexmag AR-15 5.56/.223/.300 Black 30 Round Magazine


Why did I go through all of that just to talk about AR-15 Magazine Loaders? Well, part of it is pain, because it can be painful to load that many rounds for a day at the range, and the other part was to give you some information or fluff that you might find interesting, because when it comes to AR-15 Magazine Loaders, I only have one word to say, you guessed it - Maglula!


The MAGLULA LU10B AR-15/M-16 LOADER and UNLOADER! Heck Yeah! With a price that is literally too low to show (means that you have to click on it to see) this little piece of ingenuity loads 10, 20, 30, 40 & 100 round 5.56/.223 magazines including: Magpul PMAG, H&K Metal 416/SA80, Beretta AR 70-90, Thermold, Orlite, Sig Arms black mags, and M16/AR15/M4 Usgi (NATO Stanag 4179). It is simple to use in either loading or unloading mode. The loader/unloader eliminates thumb pain and wear on feed lips. It also prolongs magazine life. It is lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket, is crafted from durable reinforced polymer, and is reliable in all weather.

maglula LU10B AR-15/M-16 Loader and Unloader

Maglula Loaders are legitimate accessories that literally have tens of thousands of five-star reviews online. 


The Maglula Loader for the AR-15 is a little thumb savior that will save you time and residual thumb pain from loading AR-15 magazines. While twenty to thirty rounds doesn't seem all that bad, how often do you go to the range with your AR-15 and only shoot 30 rounds? Exactly, the average AR-15 range session is 200-400 rounds and if you don't reload at the range, then you have to come home and reload the magazines. Either way there’s no getting out of it, so why not enjoy it? Problem solved - MAGLULA!

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