In terms of sheer cool factor, few firearms can match the Gallant from James River Armory - a modern semi-auto rifle assembled from original Israeli Galil parts kits and adorned with retro furniture. These guns are a great value and every firearms enthusiast should have one in their collection.

Why You Need A Gallant Rifle

The Galil: A Fresh Take On The AK Platform

The Israeli Galil was designed in the late 1960s, with the goal of producing a firearm to replace the FAL that offered the reliability of the AK-47 and fired the 5.56 NATO cartridge. Before long, many of the design elements of the AK platform were refined or completely replaced, and the Galil became something that was entirely its own.

Notably, the Galil has a distinctive handguard, a side-folding stock, an ambidextrous charging handle, ambidextrous controls, an improved magazine release, and a proprietary magazine. The Galil's sights were also a vast improvement over those found on the original AK-47.

Enter The JRA Gallant

James River Armory acquired authentic Israeli parts kits for the Galil rifle and combined them with U.S.-made billet steel receivers and U.S.-made barrels to create the Gallant rifle. There are many variants in the Gallant line; some include a compensator only while others include a compensator and a bayonet lug. Additionally, the rifle may be had with polymer furniture or refurbished wood furniture. 

JRA Gallant Battle Worn Model

Purchase the JRA Gallant Battle Worn Model today!

JRA Gallant Gen II Grade A Model

Purchase the JRA Gallant Gen II Grade A Model today!

These rifles are reknowned for their build quality and precision. Moreover, the Gallant costs significantly less than new production models such as the IWI Galil Ace or Ikon Micro Galil pistol while retaining the classic looks of the original. 

In terms of performance, the Gallant will run reliably even in adverse conditions. It offers the rugged reliability of an AK-platform firearm in a slightly more compact package. The folding stocks are easy to actuate and are relatively comfortable despite being made from metal. With proper maintenance and quality magazines, a Gallant rifle will last a lifetime.

Better Than An AK? 

The Gallant is a solid rifle and in many ways, is an improved version of the AK platform. However, the superior controls and ergonomics make the Gallant more expensive to produce than other firearms. Watch our video to discover if the Gallant is really better than an AKM.  

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