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Top 5 AR-15 Alternatives
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Torture Testing The New JRA Gallant (Galil Style Rifle)
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Addressing The Gallant Handguard Wobble
07:07 | 3 years ago

JRA Gallant Rifle, Gen II, 5.56 NATO, Semi-Auto, 18" Barrel W/ Compensator And Bayonet Lug, Side Fold Stock, Black Polymer Handguard, 30 Rd Mag, Case

MPN: LNG-GALLANT-P-G2-BL-NBP  |  UPC: 860001289077
$1099 99

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Gallant Rifle by James River Armory - 5.56 NATO Caliber - Semi-Auto With Side Fold Stocks, Assembled from Original Israeli Galil Parts Sets - These rifles feature Brand New U.S. Made Billet Steel Receivers and New U.S. made barrels. Each rifle ships in a nice heavily padded rifle case for maximum protection, value, and convenience. The carry cases may vary in type from order to order based on availability, but they will always work great for carrying and storing the rifle as well as adding tremendous value to the purchase. Ships with 1- 30 round Tapco magazine. This model also comes with the original polymer forend and a deluxe pistol grip by Phoenix Technology and the bayonet lug.  We carry 2 variations of this rifle, one with a bayonet lug and one without. This SKU does have the bayonet lug.  All rifles feature a new Gen II billet cut and heat-treated receiver from James River Armory with original Israeli markings and a beautiful Shield Of David logo.

Note - Rifles ship with a U.S.-made Tapco magazine but original Israeli 35 round steel magazines fit and function flawlessly as well. This is nice since original mags are plentiful and inexpensive. In fact, you can find them on our site HERE! 

Note - All Gallant rifles are manufactured with an original Galil style optic mounting port. New, U.S.-made optic mounts can be seen and purchased HERE! 

Important Note - Our parts kits came to us from Israel in several different configurations. Some with wood furniture, some with polymer furniture, some with bayonet lugs, some without.... etc...  Choosing your Gallant rifle under this particular item number will get you our black polymer handguard Gallant rifle with the bayonet lug.  All items will ship in a case for maximum protection. 

* We originally sold this model as a shooters package with the bi-pod and bayonet included. None of our original kits came with bi-pods but early on we were able to find some bi-pods and bayonets at a pretty good price which allowed us to offer rifles with bayonets and bi-pods for some time as a package deal.  We have since run out of the original lot of bi-pods and bayonets that we had purchased and as such, we can no longer include them with the gun. However, we were able to purchase some bi-pods and bayonets separately ( albeit at a much higher price )  that will fit the rifles and we do have them for sale on the site HERE and HERE. Rather than include them and raise the price of the rifle, we have decided to keep the rifle price as low as possible and sell these accessories separately, while supplies last,  allowing the buyer to decide whether or not they want to pay for the bayonet and bi-pod.

See the extended description below for more complete details on the Gallant. Also, see the important notes below-concerning handguards and other original components of this amazing rifle. 



James River Armory


.223 / 5.56


Semi Automatic

Barrel Length



Surplus / Used, New



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