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Mosin Nagant M91/30 Bayonet Adapter - Bayonet NOT included

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Features: CNC Machined from Solid Steel with Black Oxide finish. Made in USA! 100% Lifetime Warranty. NO Permanent Modification to the Bayonet. The Brass Stacker Bayonet Adapter is designed to fit most manufacturer's standard 3/4" (.824" ID, .922" OD) Steel Galvanized EMT (Electrical Metallic Tubing) Electrical Conduit. EMT is lightweight, inexpensive and readily available. It can be found at most hardware stores, electrical supply houses and home improvement warehouses. It can be purchased in a variety of precut lengths and is easy to work with. It can be cut to desired length with any standard hacksaw.

Bayonet NOT included.
Great addition for your M91/30 Bayonet! Easy to install with no permanent modifications. Installation Instructions:
CAUTION! Improper installation or use may result in damage property, severe injury, or loss of life. If for any reason this product does not function properly, discontinue use immediately. Always practice proper handling techniques, safety precautions, and ensure an UNLOADED condition. Cut tubing (EMT) to desired length with any standard hack saw. Ensure cut is square and that you do not crush or deform tubing if holding in vise. Carefully deburr and smooth both inside and outside diameters of cut with file or sand paper. Measure 3/8" from end of tubing and mark hole center placement on centerline of tubing. Carefully drill 9/32" diameter hole through one side of tubing and deburr. (If tubing is out-of-round it may be necessary to use some degree of force to insert the Bayonet Adapter and seat it properly.) Insert adapters large end into tubing and line up adapter tapped hole with drilled hole in tubing. Gently tap adapter with soft hammer or rubber mallet until adapter flange is against end of tubing. Install one of the supplied -20 x 3/8" Button Head Cap Screws through drilled hole, into tapped hole and tighten with supplied hex wrench. (The adapter is designed to have a tight fit with the bayonet and should require some degree of force to seat properly. If the fit is loose, it may be necessary to very slightly collapse the hole in the bayonet by gently compressing it in a bench vise.) Install your bayonet onto the tapered end of the adapter by aligning the engraved area of the adapter with the slot in the bayonet. Gently tap bayonet onto adapter with soft hammer or rubber mallet until threaded hole in adapter is in the center of the "square" opening in bayonet. Depress locking mechanism of bayonet and install second supplied -20 x 3/8" Button Head Cap Screw into tapped hole in adapter and tighten with supplied hex wrench. Check for proper tight fit.


Additional Features
  • CNC machined Solid Steel
  • Black Oxide Finish
  • 100% Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA!
  • NO Permanent Modification to the Bayonet
  • SKU ACC-9130-MNBA
    Country of Manufacture United States
    License Requirement None
    Manufacturer Brass Stacker
    Mfg. Part Number MNBA
    UPC No
    Caliber/Gauge No
    Action No
    Barrel Length No
    Barrel Twist No
    Barrel Bore Type No
    Barrel Finish No
    Barrel Fluting No
    Barrel Profile No
    Mount Type No
    Beam Color No
    Firearm Fit Mosin Nagant
    Threaded Barrel No
    Condition New
    Free Shipping No

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