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Canadian Mk VII - .303 British - Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Ammunition - 174 Grain - Brass Cased, Berdan Primed, Corrosive - 1008 Round Case

MPN: AM8064  |  UPC: ITM682047
$899 99
(0.900 per round)

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AM8064: We were lucky enough to find some of this fantastic Canadian manufactured .303 British. This is later manufactured Mk VII ammo dates on these range from 1939-1943. The Mk VII was a special streamed lined ammo that featured a copper jacketed 174-grain boat-tail projectile using Cordite MDT 5-2 powder as the propellant. Needless to say, these are corrosive and it is suggested to clean quickly after each range session. Due to the heavily corrosive nature of the Mk VII, they were eventually suspended and replaced for general use. This makes sense during a war where keeping your gun regularly cleaned can become a logistical nightmare. However, average collectors and shooters shouldn't have that problem since we can clean our guns after each range session. In other words, there is no need to fear corrosive ammo, and there are many good characteristics, just be sure to clean your firearm properly after firing.  Ammo comes packed with 21 boxes of 48 rounds in each 1008 round case. We sell under this SKU by the 1008 Round Case. 





.303 British

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