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Chinese SKS Rifles For Sale by the Crate

 Chinese SKS Rifles by the Crate




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Here's The Deal On This Shipment

These are the same Chinese SKS rifles that we sell by the individual rifle except we are offering them to you as a 20 piece crate With each crate, we are throwing in 20 new slings, 20 surplus oil bottles and 20 surplus ammo pouches all for the price of $6200. How cool is that! Certain shipping restrictions may apply. Read further for full details.




About the Rifles

These rifles are Original Chi-Com Vietnam Era Military Surplus Type 56 Chinese SKS rifles manufactured at the famous Jianshe Arsenal #26. Each rifle is stored in heavy cosmoline and includes a 10 round box mag and folding spike bayonet. These rifles are C&R eligible.

What a cool way to buy these rifles. Ever since we have received these rifles, we have been getting requests to purchase them by the 20 gun crate. The problem is that these didn't come to us in the traditional 20 gun crate but rather in large pallet-sized wooden boxes that contained around 120 guns in each and unless you are a retail chain you probably do not want 120 of these regardless of how nice they are. Still, the request kept coming in so we got creative. What we found was that we could repackage 20 SKS rifles in an original wooden Mosin Nagant crate (we've got plenty of those) put a divider brace in front of the rifles to keep them tight, and use the small forward compartment to house accessories. Thus the SKS Crate Deal was born.

Rifles shipped in the crate will be an assortment of standard grade and hand selects. Also, while there may be some stamped trigger housings in the bunch, we guarantee the majority of the rifles in any given crate (typically 75 to 80%) will have milled triggers. With that being said, the per rifle value of the crate is higher because you will also be getting some hand-select rifles, and the majority with milled triggers, at no additional charge. In addition to that, we have added brand new SKS slings for every rifle (20 total) and a free surplus oil bottle and ammo pouch.


These will need to ship on a pallet so certain conditions will apply in regards to being able to receive a palletized shipment. 


To get a freight quote, email the following to

                          • Complete address crate will be shipped to
                          • Number of crates being ordered
                          • If the delivery location is residential or commercial
                          • Number of cases of ammunition being ordered (if any)


Please note, customer service is unable to get a freight quote. Once the above information is received we will respond with the freight quote via email. We will then contact you to complete the purchase.


See our original ad for the individual rifles below: 

What A Find. These historic and highly popular Chi-Com rifles were banned from importation by the Clinton Administration in the early 1990's. This small group of rifles was stored in a neutral country for over 20 years before being granted an exception for import and are now here at Classic Firearms for sale to you. Rifles have been stored in heavy cosmoline ( no extra charge for that ) and as such are well preserved but will be in Turn-In condition. 

Rifles are complete and functional but expect varying degrees of bluing wear (some heavy, some less), and stocks with dents, dings, scratches, dings, gouges, and discoloration from service use, handling and storage. Further concerning the stocks, most stocks are solid but some may have small cracks and/or in some cases even a little trench art.  We have not found any that are broken or unsafe to use as these have all been sorted out by the importer. You can expect a good solid shooter, but in most cases, not a really pretty stock. However, we have done a thorough inspection on these and there are a lot of exceptions to that rule as many are quite nice so the cosmetic condition is pretty much all over the place. I even found some that looked darn close to being unissued with really nice stocks and 100% blue, but those were the exception... not the rule. Overall I would say that these guns average about 80% of new condition cosmetically. Now I like the way they look overall and many are actually pretty nice but to be clear, and so nobody can say we didn't represent them properly, there are a number of ugly stocks in there so expect an ugly stock.

Same goes for the bluing however to a far lesser extent. We have seen some guns with excessive bluing wear but I would say that is the exception as most of these guns are running 80% plus in the blued department with many being closer to 100%. The good news is we did not see any rust on any of the rifles ( at least above the stock line ) and due the amount of cosmoline on them, I don't think you will. 

We do offer a hand select in which we will pick the best of 10 from any particular group. Now remember, the more rifles that sell, and the more hand selects are drawn from the lot, the lower the standard for the hand select will be even though it will still be the best of 10. As such, the early bird gets the worm so to speak on the best of the hand selects. 


Some stocks may possibly have trench art (field carvings) in the stocks as represented in one of the images above. We are not disqualifying these carvings from hand selects as these are prized by some collectors and many consider this field art extremely desirable. We also do not disqualify a slight repairable crack in the stock from qualifying as a hand select as the rifle may be head and shoulders above the others in its group otherwise. 

I had the opportunity to be a part of the inspection on these rifles and every rifle has had the bolt cycled and the trigger pulled to check for dry fire function. I have no doubt that all of these rifles will function properly. However, as with all surplus firearms, it is important to follow all safety protocols before firing. 

Important Safety Warning - Please note, as with any surplus firearm we advise that you have the rifle inspected by a competent gunsmith before firing. In addition, all cosmoline needs to be thoroughly cleaned from the rifle... especially from the bore, the gas system, trigger group and the bolt group and special care needs to be taken to ensure that the firing pin moves freely within the lower bolt.

SKS rifles are designed with a Free Floating Firing Pin and as such can be prone to Accidental Discharge or "Slam Fire's" if the firing pin should happen to get stuck in the out position. This can occur due to the firing pin being rusted and stuck in the out position or due to the channel containing the firing pin getting clogged with any type of dirt or debris that would prevent the firing pin from moving back and forth freely within the lower bolt. Even heavy cosmoline within the bolt body can clog the firing pin channel preventing the firing pin from receding back into the bolt face quickly enough thereby causing a discharge upon the chambering of a round. As such, it is very important to not only clean the lower bolt thoroughly before firing but also to keep a check on the lower bolt to be sure that the firing pin is moving freely back and forth within the bolt body.  Also, as with all firearms, always chamber a round in a safe direction and never point your firearm at anything you do not intend to shoot.


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Now for the good stuff. 

These are all very early rifles -  i.e. Pre Vietnam to Early Vietnam Era rifles which probably saw use in that conflict... 
As original early military rifles, they contain Mil-Spec parts based on the manufacturing protocol in use by that particular military contract factory during the time period that they were produced. All of these rifles have a barrel lug which can be seen between the rear sight and the receiver indicating that they are threaded in rather than pinned in barrels. In addition, most of the trigger groups are milled ( from my observation around 70% ) but some are stamped. While there is no practical difference between the function of a milled trigger and a stamped trigger many people consider the milled trigger groups to be superior quality and as such in addition to a hand select for cosmetic, we also offer a hand select to ensure a milled trigger. 

Most that I have seen have a cleaning rod however we do not guarantee a cleaning rod unless you choose a hand select. All will have a folding spike type bayonet. 

The SKS rifle fires 7.62x39 ammunition from a 10 round box magazine but detachable high cap mags are inexpensive and very easy to obtain. 

These are C & R Eligible

When we first started in business in the late 80's we sold thousands of Chinese SKS rifles and as such, I have a soft spot for them. 
They will always be my favorite. 

Aftermarket stocks, magazines and accessories are plentiful and easy to install, and they are just plain cool guns. 

Don't let my overly honest description fool you, I have intentionally been hypercritical and have tried to paint a worst case scenario because we want to be brutally honest as to the worst possible case scenario and we do not want to deal with returns due to not meeting your expectations. We learned a long time ago that even though we tell folks that any rifle is a well used surplus former military rifle that has been drug through the mud and the blood, they still somehow expect to get a brand new Belgium Browning. As such, we would rather portray the worst case and have you pleasantly surprised upon receipt than vice versa. 

In truth, I really like what I have seen in these so far, and I think that as long as you know going in exactly what they are,  that you will be pleased with them too. Thus the super long description. All of the guys on staff have seen these and commented about how much better these look than the small group we had a couple of years ago, and how they think folks will be even happier with these, and these guys are all shooters and gun nuts.... that is always a good sign.

These are historically significant, and make a fine addition to any collection. I encourage y'all to get one or more of these crates before they're gone.


Check Out Ben Cleaning and Disassembling An SKS Here



Do you want them by the crate... Well then, buy the crate.



Individual Rifles are Available Here.


NOTE:  The crates are shipping containers just like cardboard boxes are for individual rifles.  We are only selling you the rifles inside of the crate. There is no cost for the "crate" itself.  Please do not contact us upset because your crate is not suitable for building a coffee table ;-)



What About The Ammunition?

Remember - If you are ordering a crate of rifles anyway, it is a great time to stock up on ammo.
Adding cases of ammo to a pallet already going truck line adds little to the shipping and is a great way to save money while you stock up. 

7.62x39 Ammo Available Here