Why You Should Own The Tokarev TX3 Pump Action Shotgun

The Tokarev TX3: The Best Budget-Friendly Shotgun

Unlike many value-tier pump action shotguns, the Tokarev TX3 allows shooters to experience the authentic look and feel of a traditional wooden stock and forend. Don't let its old-school appearance deceive you, though; the TX3 also sports modern features typically found on more expensive contemporary models.

These include a heat-shielded 18.5" chrome-lined barrel, an integral Picatinny optics rail on top of the receiver, and factory fiber optic ghost ring sights. In its stock configuration, the TX3's magazine tube holds five 2.75" shotshells - plenty of firepower for home defense or a fun day at the range. A one-round extension tube can be purchased separately.

Handling & Shootability

In terms of performance, the TX3 pump action shotgun is as precise as it is rugged and reliable. It points instinctively, plus the ghost ring sights allow for rapid target acquisition as well as seamless transitions between multiple targets. The smooth action and chrome-lined barrel ensure accurate shot placement, even when firing several shells in rapid succession.

Each stock includes a rubber buttpad, which absorbs recoil and offers enhanced comfort during longer range sessions. We've run these guns hard and have found each one to be well-built with few to no failures of any kind.

Parts Compatibility & Customization

The Tokarev TX3 is compatible with all aftermarket Mossberg 500 / 590 furniture, and utilizes Benelli / Mobil chokes (1,3, and 5 are included). Whether you're building a dedicated home defense setup or blasting sporting clays in the field, this shotgun can easily adapt to meet your needs. 

Use Case - The Tokarev TX3

Given its durable construction and versatility, the TX3 is an excellent choice for a general-purpose defensive shotgun in 2024. It can be configured for CQB or truck gun duty by swapping out a few parts for proven aftermarket replacements, and the Picatinny top rail allows shooters to mount the red dot optic of their choice. A modified version of the Tokarev TX3 was even used as the duty-issued shotgun for the Afghan National Police.

Having trouble choosing between a pump action like the TX3 and a mag-fed or semi-auto shotgun? Be sure to check out our comparison video below to discover which type is best for you.

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