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How To Hide Firearms All Around Your House


Strategies! The last couple of years has really made the American public think about that word and how unprepared we are. We had to develop strategies for self and family preservation for everything from toilet paper shortages to ammunition stockpiling. No one even snickers at the thought of dedicated prepping anymore. To some extent, we have all learned to put back a little more, buy a little extra, keep out a little cash, secure our homes a little better, work from home more, have our children home more, and an abundance of other preparations that we have never really had concern over before. 

I am opening this article with that paragraph to help make the distinction between being paranoid and prepared. 

I will use myself as an example. My furniture is strategically placed where I can sit in my favorite spot on the couch and see every door and window in three rooms. The back of the couch is not facing an area where anyone would have usual access, and you cannot see it from the road. My spot is not in front of a window or any other easily breached point in my home. My favorite spot on the couch is a well-thought-out and strategic platform where I can see everything that is going on around my home and respond quickly should the need arise. It's not crazy :). Think about your favorite spot to watch television and ask yourself if you are prepared.

Nope, there is no such thing as surprise visitors or uninvited guests at Carrie's house! For the occasional misguided knock on the door, I am always prepared within an arm’s reach. I am confident in my defense abilities should the need ever arise, anytime that someone I don't know or feel comfortable around is near. 

Let's take it a step a little closer to home. Again, I will sacrifice and confide in my Classic Firearm Family from a personal experience incident. My daughter recently brought a new friend over, so yes, an invited guest. Unknown to me, my daughter's new friend was a brand new, proud recipient of his concealed permit. He was so proud to reach around his back....and pulled it out to show me his brand new pistol :). Not smart, but thankfully, no harm, no foul in this case, just a stern talking to about permission and respecting other people in their home. My point is how easily a firearm, other than my own, was able to find its way into my house.


Your home is your safe haven and your comfort zone. For many reasons, it is never a good idea to have your firearms out in plain sight. You would never want anyone, a child, adolescent, or even a curious, well-meaning adult to be able to easily access your firearm(s). However, you want to be prepared, so what's the solution? 

They have been around for a few years now, so you are likely familiar with concealment shelves. So that's where we will start for your strategic solution for survival preparedness. 

The success of the concealment shelves has a lot to do with aesthetics. They look much like everyday home furnishings, and do not draw attention as an out-of-place or obvious gun storage container among the usual home decor. Out of sight is out of mind, until you need quick access. The confidence of having a personal or home defense firearm nearby in case of an emergency is priceless. If you are watching a ballgame, kicked back in your favorite recliner and something happens, do you really have time to run upstairs, unlock your safe, retrieve your firearm, and then come back downstairs to deal with it? I hope that you do, but that's not always reality.

The only downside to concealment shelves is that those with ill intent have also figured out what a great idea they are. Concealment shelves are becoming a quick and easy target for thieves to take so make sure that yours is anchored and secured!


There are some other great concealment options for your home available here at Classic. The key is to keep it looking real. If you are going to make your arsenal known, you might as well have the obvious firearms safe in your living area to secure them, but for this article, we are talking about concealment and quick access.

My favorite items are simply attachment mechanisms that allow you to conceal your firearm to your already existing furniture, doors, walls, or appliances. Something as simple as a magnet can keep your firearm concealable and accessible.

Peace Keeper QDGM1 Quick Draw

Peacekeeper Quick Draw Magnet

Hollowed-out books are an old trick with a new look. Now you don't have to hollow out the old family Bible (I would never!) or try to find another old, boring, thick, and unassuming book to conceal your firearms. We have those too! Peace Keeper DBBLK Diversion 

Peacekeeper Diversion Book Set

An old mantle clock is an expected and common item to have in any home, but does yours do this? Peace Keeper MGC Mantle Gun

Peacekeeper MGC Mantle Gun

If you are reading this article, then you are probably a God-fearing, 2nd amendment patriot who would be proud to display this American Flag case anywhere in your home! Peace Keeper PFC Patriot Flag

Peacekeeper PFC Patriot Flag Case


While you are checking out our Peace Keeper home concealment furnishings, check out some of our most popular concealed carry guns as well!

Nothing is as safe as the obvious for securing and storing your firearms as a traditional firearm safe. But when concealment and accessibility is your goal, we have a few items to help you out! Accessibility is not an excuse for an unsecured firearm in a home with children though, so make sure to take the necessary precautions. 

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