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Video: Radical AR-15 Rifle & Complete Upper Receivers


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Video Transcript

Speaker 1:
Hey everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Monday, March the 27th and before we get into today's offering, I want to say a big thank you to all of you. Last Friday we launched our Proprietary Rifle as a Class Firearms exclusive, our FX9 9mm AR-15 carbine, great little rifle. Launched it last Friday. Typically Friday is not a great launch day leading into the weekend, a lot of people aren't online, a lot of people aren't opening their emails, but we had a tremendous response to that little rifle and rightfully so, it's a great product, everybody seem to love it, we think you will too. But again, I just wanted to say thank you for such a tremendous response to that. We appreciate that you're paying attention and that you like what we're bringing you. Now let's transition into what we have for today. We have got some radical firearms today. Both the AR-15 and some uppers from Radical. About a year and a half ago, Radical hit the firearms scenes with AR-15, came out with a base model, very value driven rifle. They work good. People seem to love them, but they've come out with something now that's an upgrade. They're calling it their improved tactical rifle and we think it is great. Here is it. Dylan's running the camera today so Dylan come on in. A lot of nice upgraded features. This rifle features sock mod stock. Six position of course, but the improved sock mod stock that has storage units and so forth in it. We love that. It's got an improved wrap around grip there as you can see. A nickel boron bolt, one of the smoothest bolts in the industry. They're expensive because of the way they're made, but it comes standard to the upgraded rifle. This rifle has a proprietary slim line free floated rail system on the front that combines both key mod openings with built in rails on the side and on the front. It comes complete with a 30 round Magpul mag and also with in MBUS Magpul flip up sights. To top it out, you have a compensator, the Radical compensator, not a standard M-15 compensator. This is a shark type compensator. Shark fin with the holes ported to the top. It's going to be very very smooth. The only thing that doesn't come with the rifle, we did this for display purposes, our vertical fore grip and this one comes with a bi-pod. We sell this as inexpensive imported bi-pod vertical fore grip, but we wanted you to see the rifle as it displays. I'll turn it around here. Bear in mind when you see this on our ad, it will not include the forearm, it does not ship with the forearm or with the vertical fore grip I should say, but it does come with a nice hard shell case, a cable lock, some small armorers tools and lubricant, and a fantastic Radical Firearms koozie, that's yours to keep all for ordering this rifle. Let me close. I just think those are really cool so I put it on there. You can see the way it presents. Great looking rifle, a lot of great upgraded features. Let me pop this back out and stand it up. Rifle price for everything here, without the vertical fore grip, $599.99. $599.99 on a rifle that has features that would typically run $800-900, all of that for $599.99. Let me lay this aside and we want to show you a couple of uppers that Radical is also offering. This is the 223556 upper, I'll hold it up and get it off of that black so you can see it. 16 inch barrel. 15 inch slim line free floated fore arm. Has the rail system all the way across the top. This is an M Lock type rail system, free floated, very lightweight, includes the bolt so it is complete. Running those currently at only $329.99 so drop it in your own lower, only $329.99. This sister upper, exactly the same thing expect in 300 blackout, same slim line free floated fore end. All the same features including the bolt, in 300 blackout, at $329.99. Lastly, one I'm very impressed with. This is a really nice proprietary upper by Radical. It is in 6.5 Grendel. 6.5 Grendel is the caliber that has taken the industry by storm. I'm going to lay this down on the black background so you can see how nice that stainless barrel looks inside there. The folks at Radical wanted to maximize the load that the 6.5 Grendel offers so they did it in a 20 inch, full 20 inch stainless barrel. You can see again the proprietary muzzle break on this so it's not a step up part of the barrel there. In 6.5 Grendel includes the bolt, forward assist, everything complete M Lock free floated fore arm. This upper comes complete, ready to drop into your lower, at $489.99. Folks we're watching this company continue to improve and grow as far as the things they are offering. We're proud to be able to offer them to you on their behalf and we're also proud that you're one of our customers. We appreciate all you do for us and as always, thank you for being with us at www.classicfirearms.com. Hey P.S. I meant to say something in this video and I forgot to do it, but it's a little thing, but sometimes it's the little things that count. I thought this was important so I was going to show you. Sometime you can tell a quality company by the way they present and bring their products to you. In the case of Radical, this is their new packaging on all of their uppers, so the upper is inside there, inside the plastic bag, fully padded out, very well protected. It even has end pieces inside the box, has the markings on the outside of the box so of course that upper is well protected from Radical to us and from us to you. That is for all of their uppers they're offering now. Of course the rifles come in the hard shell case, so they're fully protected too. Again, it's a little thing, but sometimes little things mean a lot. Folks again we appreciate you and God bless.