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FosTecH Trigger Systems

FosTecH Triggers are American-made fast-fire trigger systems featuring cutting-edge designs. The Echo Series of Triggers are drop-in replacements for AR-15 and AK-47 rifles.

Components for advanced weaponry such as the AR-15 and AK-47, have become tactical necessities or enjoyable add ons for shooters who love the sport.

Family-owned and based out of Southern Indiana, FosTecH caters to civilian and military clientele. FosTecH’s groundbreaking designs are unique and covered by patents from some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. 

We carry a full line of FosTecH triggers, tactical shotguns, Tech-15s, and Phantom rifles.

Automatic fire weapons have become a legal and financial challenge to own in recent years. Drop-in trigger groups solve mod lover’s dream by a simple mechanism. The hammer strikes a primer when the trigger is pulled and again when it is released. 

With the addition of a binary trigger, shooters have found an affordable way to enhance your targeting experience.  

Want to know more about Binary Triggers? Let Clint tell you everything you need to know.


FosTecH features three distinctive trigger packages, with two of the triggers covered by multiple patents from different designers. 

FosTecH Echo AR-II Trigger

FosTecH Echo AR-II Triggers are approved by the ATF. The Fast Fire trigger system is a drop-in design with no specialized bolt carrier. The weapon needs a full-auto bolt carrier to work.

Patent # US 8,820,211 B1, Technology Patented through Franklin Armory US Patent # 9.952,012 and 9,952,013

The FosTecH Trigger provides a two burst solution when firing on the pull and release. The shooter is given a less costly solution than buying a submachine gun or other automatic fire weapon.

Three components make up the Echo; the main cassette containing the lock work, trigger lock, spring and ambidextrous selector. The improved design of the Echo prevents premature hammer release in Echo mode.

FosTecH Echo Trigger Gen II - ATF Approved

Modes of Operation:

  • Unlike a traditional AR-15, Safe Mode allows the shooter to engage the safety with the hammer decocked.
  • Semi-mode is a light trigger pull and only fires with 3mm of creep and 2mm of over-travel.
  • Echo mode has the hammer falling at the same point as semi operation. The trigger needs additional travel of 2mm with a heavier pull for the FosTecH to fire on release.

There is definite shooter acclimation needed with the FosTecH trigger system. Fundamentals say; the shooter pulls the trigger with a slow and smooth operation while holding it back through recoil.

FosTecH Echo Sport Trigger

Echo Sport Trigger; is an affordable option to other drop-in trigger systems in its class. The Sport is similar in design to the AR-II, with the fundamental difference being how modes are selected. They eliminate the third selection. 

FosTecH’s intention for the Sport was to maintain the same functionality as the AR-II Trigger while keeping the price lower. 

Echo Sport features the same modes as the AR-II Trigger set, and does not come with a bolt carrier. The Sport Trigger features a paddle style selector located inside the trigger guard. In Echo Mode, the Sport Trigger is fast and allows for some quick double taps. 

The Echo Sport is not a full drop-in trigger like the AR-II and does require a full auto bolt carrier to function correctly. The pull weight of the Sport is around 5-8 lbs. 

FosTecH Echo Sport Binary Trigger

FosTecH Echo AK-47 Binary Trigger

Echo AK-47; this trigger is another drop-in design with easy installation. The Echo AK-47 features much of the same patented components as the AR-II assembly.

A patented lock keeps the shooter from over-running the weapon. A characteristic of firearm platforms like the AR-15 and AK-47, if the shooter manipulates the trigger too fast, it causes the hammer to malfunction. 

FosTecH Echo Triggers cannot fire too fast because of a secondary sear engagement. If the shooter tries to release the trigger too soon, the hammer won’t release, and you go back to pulling the trigger to release. This feature is critical in an AK-47, as it cycles slower than the AR-15.

Multiple technologies with multiple patents make this trigger group a unique technology, and a one of a kind product. The same three firing modes exist on the AK-47 as there are on the AR-II.

  • Safe mode; the firearm does not fire.
  • Semi-automatic; weapon fires when the trigger is pulled.
  • Binary Mode; fires when the trigger is pulled and again when it is released.

FosTecH Echo AK-47 Binary Trigger

Common AK-47s are a stamped variety, and this custom trigger group is an ideal fit.

Additional platforms being targeted:

  • WASR-10

Summed Up

FosTecH has years of experience in building component systems and tactical weapons. One of their creations is the fastest semi-auto shotgun in the world, and an extremely light AR-15. 

The company’s drop-in design trigger systems are excellent replacements with no special gunsmithing needed. Once each trigger is assembled inside a weapon, you are given one safe mode and two firing modes. 

With Echo mode, the marksman gets a double-tap for accurate shooting or to go on a  400+ rpm shooting spree. The overall quality of each system is excellent and gives precise operation in each mode.  

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