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CAA USA Micro-Conversion Kits - Worth The Hype?

Have you seen these yet? They are funky, futuristic, and hella fun to shoot! The CAA USA MICRO-CONVERSION KIT will give you an additional platform for your pistol. This tactical accessory will turn your pistol into a carbine-style firearm! 

This non-NFA accessory does not require a tax stamp, no ATF paperwork, no wait, and it doesn't require an FFL. This conversion kit can be delivered right to your door and it is ready for use right out of the box.


First, let me tell you what it is not. It is not a firearm. By itself, it is a chassis in which you add your pistol. at under 14" long, this conversion kit aids the shooter with recoil management and firearm stability.

Just like all devices and accessories on the market, it is designed to help the shooter improve their own capabilities. What makes this conversion kit different is that it allows you to shoulder fire your existing pistol. Essentially it lets your pistol become braced pistol caliber firearm. With more points of contact between the shooter and the firearm, you gain stability, balance, control, quick recovery, and in return a more accurate shot. To achieve balance with an added accessory to your firearm is a delicate dance for a designer to master. CAA definitely gets a gold star for balance. With a firearm secured in this device, it just feels good. When you pick it up and snuggle up with it in your shoulder pocket, it feels very natural.


All-day, every day! This accessory is absolutely legal. As I mentioned before, no tax stamp, paperwork, or wait. It can be delivered right to you, and because it is not a firearm, you do not have to use an FFL or pay the FFL fees to purchase it. 

ATF has determined that a shooter can lawfully shoot a braced pistol and the brace can come into contact with the shoulder sometimes during firing. You will notice that this device has a folding brace and not a stock. That is where the lawfulness comes in. A pretty cool feature about this micro-conversion kit is that you can fire it with the brace folded or deployed. The framework and brace design allow you to fire unimpeded in both uses.

CAA USA Sig Sauer P320 Conversion Kit


Most of the reviews state this chassis is very easy to use. The ease of introducing your pistol into the device is simple and most importantly, it is secure. There is no wiggle room at all between the two when united.

As far as the difficulty level when firing; it is non-existent. This device is actually very simple to operate, giving new shooters, those with a weak grip or shaky hands, and even differently-abled shooters the satisfaction of being equally abled on the firing line.

Shooting with this accessory is easy and fun for all. I could not find one single review that stated anything different. The three points of contact really make a difference in the shooter's control of this device. The charging handle doesn't require much force and the best thing is that it is ambidextrous. 


As far as performance, videos and reviews seem to confirm exactly what CAA markets this product as, and that is a device that will improve the shooter's capabilities. Most notably of the enhanced capabilities is the achievement of a tighter shot grouping when compared to the same pistol without the chassis.

Accuracy at 50 yards was greatly improved. Some even showed improvement up to 100 yards. You have to remember that you are somewhat at the mercy of your ammunition, so expect fall when firing from longer ranges.

Even beyond the capability of the Micro-Conversion Kit, there are accessory options that you can add to the device itself. To further enhance the MCK, you can add optics, sights, lasers, and a sling.


Because here at Classic, we take the customer's viewpoint to heart, I feel that I should make you aware of some issues that shooters have encountered. While these reported issues don’t affect my stance on this product, I thought it best to let you know.

A few reviews talked about a stripped charging handle. I researched mitigation and found that CAA will replace older models with an updated charging handle. Several reviews indicated that after cycling a few rounds, that the breech would not completely close. And of course a few reports of jams.

While the fit is intended to be tight, some owners of the MCK have reported slight wear on their Glocks. It is important to realize that this was by far not the usual experience that other users reported.

I did find one thing about the conversion kit that gave me pause. I will admit that I am an impatient person, I want my set up to be ready to go when I am ready to go. As far as optics, you may have to zero in every time that you remove and then secure it in for the next use. There is movement in the securing and removing process. I wouldn't trust delicate sights to stay zeroed in, but there again, that is my opinion. Full disclosure here; I expect a lot from my optics and I want them to always remain ready.

CAA USA Glock Patriot Flag Conversion Kit


Most widely known for Glock conversions, CAA's MCK's are also made for specific models of Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and the upcoming Springfield, H&K, and CZ. 


Something that is not debatable is that they are fun to shoot. They also do what CAA says they will do which is improve a shooter's capabilities, in other words, accuracy. The price point for what it is is very reasonable. I have spent more on a trigger and optics. I also greatly respect CAA for having a product that allows differently-abled individuals to enjoy a sporting product.

For some, this is the ultimate accessory, for others, they can live without it. It truly depends on what you want. If you want to hit the target with a tighter grouping, it will optimize your shot.

As far as for a tactical option for your home defense, I am not completely sold. Taking that into consideration, I will always revert back to my training which is holster to target. The keyword there is training. The more that you train with the CAA MCK, the more comfortable you will become, and you may even choose to make this kit a must-have for your home defense pistol.

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