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Manufacturer Review: Kel-Tec

Cllint: Y'all, we've got the new Kel-Tec P50.

Ryan: Clint.

Clint : Oh, we ordered the wrong one. Ben said we had a P50 at home. That's a PS90.

Okay, so no, we don't have a P50 just yet, but we will soon I hope. Keeping my fingers crossed because that thing looks fun. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry, we'll talk about it later here in just a moment. I'm Clint with Classic Firearms, and we're here today to bring you guys a video all about Kel-Tec. They just recently announced a new firearm, which like I said, we'll talk about in just a moment, but they've also been around since the early 90s, 1991 to be exact, same year I was born, that's fun. And they've just been making all sorts of crazy looking guns, guns that have just been super popular for the longest time, like the Sub-2000. It's so popular, we don't have one in the warehouse right now, they always sell out. Also too, does anybody else feel like every 18 year old's first purchase is like a Mosin-Nagant and a Sub-2000? Isn't that just like a starter kit? I don't know, but anyway, it wasn't mine.


But Kel-Tec, like I said, has been around for about 30 years now, and they are just making some lightweight, pretty innovative firearms out there. And what's cool about them is they make stuff that's just fun to shoot, like the CP33. This is a 22 long rifle pistol. It's kind of funny to say that actually. We do have a lot of new viewers, which thank you for subscribing and checking us out. And you may have just heard me say a 22 long rifle pistol, that might sound funny to you. 22 long rifle, or as 22 planks likes to say, 22 LR is just the caliber. This is a pistol, but it's cool because it holds 33 rounds of 22 in its magazine, and I have seen people do some crazy things to their CP33s, adding stocks, SPRing them, pistol braces even, slinging them up, optics because the whole top part of the gun is a picatinny rail. And just overall, this thing is so freaking neat. Love the fiber optic sights on it, and it's just a fun gun, threaded barrel so you can silence it, suppress it if you want to. It's a fun gun, all right?

But, Kel-Tec also has made guns like the PF9, which they still claim to be the slimmest or the flattest and most lightweight 9mm pistol on the market, which is pretty cool. And they also make guns like the KSG. This is a very interesting firearm because it's a Bullpup pump action 12 gauge shotgun that has a dual tube magazine tube. So, it holds seven on each side so it gives you an overall capacity of 14 plus one, and you can actually select which tube you want it to... It's going to be difficult to see I think, but you can actually select which tube you want it to feed from. So if you have one type of shell on the right-hand side, you can just take the switch, flip it to the right, and then it will only feed from the right. Then, if maybe you want to put a type of load on the left, you can do that. Or you can just have it centered where it will alternate between the two tubes. So overall, a really cool gun and you just pull the trigger, it goes bang, and then you just keep doing that number, and it just keeps going. So, like I said, 14 round capacity, 14 plus one, 15 overall in a compact guy like this is pretty sweet.

Bullpup Designs

Again, if you're new to the channel, maybe new to firearms, a Bullpup design is pretty much where the firing sequence of the firearm takes place behind the trigger group. On most traditional firearms, like you'll see on a AR15, you have your ejection port right here, typically that's right where the barrel is, and also to where the ejection of the spent cartridge is. And all of the firing sequence what's taking place forward of the trigger and the grip. On a Bullpup like what we see on Kel-Tec's RDB, all of what I just said is happening behind the trigger group or behind the grip. And it's pretty neat because you get pretty much the same overall length without having to sacrifice barrels and things like that, or barrel length is what I'm trying to say. Like for instance, 10 inch barrel that you see here on my MK18 versus a 16 inch barrel that you see right here.

Kel-Tec RDB

Why is a longer barrel better? Well, depending on your need, a longer barrel is going to give you that added velocity, downrange accuracy, things like that. So with a gun that's shorter, well about the same size as my MK18 with the silencer removed, you're still getting probably a little bit better ballistics out of it, so very cool design. And the RDB, they also make the RFB, chambered in 5.56 like this one is, chambered in 3.08 even, which is really cool. The RDB and RFB acronym stands for rifle, downward ejecting Bullpup, or rifle, forward ejecting Bullpup. This one, its ejection port is right back here. So, once it fires, the rounds just kind of fall right down, which is pretty neat. It's very ambidextrous in that case, because then you don't have to worry about the ejection coming out the side here, like what you see on the Tavor. We don't have one up, but the Tavor, it kind of shoots out just to the right side. So therefore, if you're a southpaw shooter, it's coming right here to your face.

Desert Tech makes the MDR where you can actually switch which side of the ejection port or which side is ejecting, but it's also forward and away from the shooter, really cool stuff. But anyway, oh yeah, and there's a Steyr AUG, another Bullpup design there. But yeah, Kel-Tec, super cool guns like I said, guys, and I'm really excited about their new firearm, the P50, this guy right here. No, we don't have one house just yet, but we did watch, and our friend James, the gunshorts there, the firearm blog, he's got a great video with Kel-Tec out there. Advise you to go check that out if you're seeking more information on it. But the P50, it kind of opens and closes like some staplers do, and it takes the P90 mag, which is great, because that is 15 rounds of 5.7 by 28 on a nine inch barrel. That sounds like a pretty big pistol, and it is, but when you think about all of the potential this firearm has, I am super excited to see where this gun goes.


Alec, who's here at Classic, he doesn't know if he loves it just yet so I think we need to get one in here, get him to the range, have him shoot it and watch him probably fall in love with it. Me, I am pretty excited about getting one in, because anything that holds a 15 round capacity of 5.7, I'm excited about. And hopefully, that will only cause 5.7 to grow in popularity as well and maybe we'd see more of that ammunition produced, especially during this ammogeddon time. Because ammo right now, as you guys know is a little bit difficult to come by. We do keep a regular shipment of ammo incoming, so it makes sure you guys are checking out our website regularly, make sure you're signed up for text messages because anytime we get a large emo shipment in a week, we will notify you guys. And sometimes you might crash our website, which happened. So, make sure you guys are getting early and kind of like... Who was the famous mayor that said vote early and vote often? Buy early and buy often from of course Classic Firearms.

Anyway, yeah, the P50 is going to be a cool firearm. It's coming with two magazines, super sweet, and also an included sling, so you have more of that forward push instead of a pull like you would with a brace, that forward push, and it looks like a flat shooting gun. Like I said, I'm excited to shoot it. I'm also excited to see what the aftermarket side of things does with the P50, because it's the upper of the gun that is actually serialized. The whole lower, that's not serialized so people can start integrating grips, braces even, maybe even SPRing it and making stocks for these things. I am really curious to see how it goes, and I want to hear from you guys down in the comments section, what do y'all think about Kel-Tec's P50 and the brand in general?


Like I said, super popular gun for them as the Sub-2000, which has chambered in 9mm, .40, I think they make it in .45, they make it and all sorts of different calibers, and they also make it so it accepts all sorts of different magazines, Glock, Beretta. I think they even make like a... God, was it a SIG model even? They make all sorts of crazy stuff out there, so if you've got a Glock and you'd like to shoot it out of a carbine, well now you... Or shoot the same caliber in your mags through a carbine, get a Sub-2000, and it also folds up into a backpack really nice too. So, if you're traveling out in the woods, whatever else, and you're looking for a backpack gun, check out the Sub-2000, right? I think we even had a video on the Sub-2000 about being a perfect backpack gun, so check that one out.

Kel-Tec Sub-2000 9mm Glock 19 Model Pistol Caliber Carbine.

And just remember, Kel-Tec, made right here in the USA, out of Florida, very cool stuff. Again, some of their most fun firearms I've had, I've had the most fun with is the CP33. Again, 33 rounds of .22. I would love to see a full auto version of this and just go shoot it. Because if you've ever had the opportunity to shoot a full auto .22, it's a good time, it's a really good time. They should be legal. Anyway, the last thing I want to talk about guys is our current giveaway. We just ended our giveaway on our snakes giveaway. So again, congratulations to Michael out of Birmingham, Alabama for that. We've now started up a Maxim defense PDX with the EOTech chambered in 7.62 by 39. That sounded weird. No, the EOTech is not chambered in 7.62, the pistol itself is, and that is this little guy right here. Comes with one 20 round mag and the hate break, again, the EOTech Radion Raptor ambi charging handle, the Maxim defense SCW brace, which is a super sweet brace, Reptilia grip, ambi safety, and the ALG advanced combat trigger. Huge fan of this firearm and I have a lot of fun running and gunning with this guy. So, go check out our video announcing it as our giveaway, and it stands up perfectly balanced as everything should be, right?


Anyway, yeah, overall really cool gun and happy to offer it as a giveaway, right? So again, get your entries in a Don't miss out. Remember if you don't enter, you simply cannot win. And it's not who has the most entries, all it takes is one. But the more entries you have, the better. No purchase necessary. So, boom, there you go. Get your entries in, guys. And I want to hear from y'all all about Kel-Tec and the P50 down below. God bless, and we'll see you next time at

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