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Panzer Arms

Ever heard of Panzer Arms? If not, you might want to get familiar with their name and their products. 

We are in a season of firearms innovation, which is a great thing for firearms enthusiasts. There are many new manufacturers, and even some traditional manufacturers that are getting in the game and bringing something new to the firearms market. With each new product or model, we see lighter, more modular, better ergonomics, higher capacity, and lower recoil firearms coming into the marketplace. 

The AR platform is certainly not new to the firearms world, after all, we can now freely purchase AR-style rifles and even AR-style pistols. So what about an AR-style Shotgun? Semiautomatic shotguns are not a new concept, but the way Panzer Arms "does" shotguns is! 



Whenever we spotlight a brand, I always like to include a little history behind the manufacturer. Some buyers will actually not make the purchase if they don't know the company's history. You know what, I don't blame them. Their credibility of making a firearm worthy of your purchase is a key factor to consider before you shell out hard-earned money for one of their machines.

The journey of Panzer Arms began with the production of hunting rifles in the 1960s. In the 1970s and 1980s, the company saw great promise in development.

By the 1990s, Panzer Arms had the knowledge and equipment to make various contributions to the defense industry of Turkey.

Today, with the spirit of pioneering, Panzer is introducing the world to its modern-day designs. Their culture may follow tradition but their business model follows the trends in firearms popularity and they rely on their innovative skills to fill, expand upon, or improve products that they introduce into the latest firearms markets.


Allow me to introduce you to three pretty amazing, unique, and very desirable Panzer firearms.

PANZER ARMS AR TWELVE - 12ga. Shotgun - Made with the AR-15 in mind, this
AR-platform shotgun will have the familiar design, feel, and function that AR shooters are accustomed to. This 40.5-inch shotgun has a 20" inch barrel and weighs just 7.65 pounds without a magazine. It features a synthetic fixed stock with adjustable cheek rest, an aluminum handguard with rails, and removable flip-up sights.

Panzer Arms AR-12

PANZER ARMS AR TWELVE PRO - 12 ga. Shotgun - Much like the Panzer ARMS AR
Twelve, the AR Twelve Pro features the same design but takes the quality up a notch with an all-aluminum alloy upper and lower receiver. It also features an enhanced gas system to ensure even more reliable cycling regardless of the loads you use or potentially harsh conditions. The AR Twelve Pro incorporates tons of optic rail mounting options and comes complete with flip-up sights. It is the same size as the standard AR Twelve but due to the extra metal, it is a little heavier at 8.40 pounds without a magazine.

Panzer Arms AR-12 Pro

PANZER ARMS BP-12 BULLPUP - 12ga. Shotgun - This Bullpup Shotgun has taken the marketplace by storm with its unique yet functional design. Its overall short length (30.7 " ) makes it highly maneuverable in tactical situations, while its full-length 20" barrel, set deeply into the frame, allows it to retain accuracy and power. It will also feed and function flawlessly with all 12 gauge loads up to 3 inches in length making it a powerhouse as well. The BP-12 is made from 7075 aluminum and weighs in at 8.37 pounds without a magazine. This model is fully ambidextrous and Picatinny rails, an adjustable cheek riser, forearms hand stop, and flip-up sights, all come standard.

Panzer Arms BP-12 12GA Semi-Auto Shotgun

Parting Shot

While the Panzer Shotguns might look futuristic, they are every bit as rugged, reliable, and functional as any traditional shotgun. All three of the above models accept 12 ga. shells in 2 3/4 inch and 3 inches. They have a light felt recoil for a 12 ga. and extended 10 round magazines are also available for purchase to use with them. Is this the shotgun of the future? We think it just might be. Get one for yourself and see!

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