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Top Five .45 Guns That Aren't 1911s

Clint : All right, man. So what do we got on the agenda today?

Ryan: Top five .45 ACP firearms.

Clint: Back to back world war champ. We got the OG, you already know it.

Ryan: Put it back.

Clint: Okay, Top five .45's that aren't 1911's then. (silence)

Hey everybody, Clint here with Classic Firearms, and as y'all saw, we are doing the top five firearms chambered in .45 ACP. Gut we can't include the 1911 because it reigns all. It is number one, obviously, right? Comments are lighting up, I already know it.

Anyway, yeah. If you're questioning what that is, by the way, this is Liberace's 1911. Just look up gold-plated .45 ACP and that's what's going to come up for you. It's $50,000, too. No, it's not. It's actually Girsan. It's actually super cool, and we'll take it to the range one day.

FNX-45 Tactical

Anyway, we're going to go ahead and kick this video off with the 1911 killer. And I'm talking about the FNX-45 tactical, and I absolutely love this guy. Now why do I call it the 1911 killer? Because well, the 1911, I do think, is a phenomenal pistol. I have quite a few myself. But when it comes to my pistol of choice, chambered in .45, it's going to be this guy. And one big reason is capacity. This thing has 15 rounds of .45 ACP in the mag. So 15 plus one is typically how I carry it. And I have had no issues with reliability, feeding anything on this guy, jamming all the stuff that people like to hate on the 1911 about, but on my 1911's it's actually work really well. So I don't know what y'all are talking about. But again, comments section lighting up, and I can already hear the clicking going away.

But anyway, I am a huge fan of this guy, because right out of the box or the case that it comes in, which is a super cool case, by the way, you've got a threaded barrel. You've got Trijicon suppressor height night sites. You've got, again, multiple, I think it comes with three 15 round mags. You've got an RMR cut, which you already see here. I've got a Trijicon RMO six. If you are in the market for an RMR or a red dot, highly recommend. Make sure you check out all of our Trijicon products on our website. And it just looks so good. It's aesthetically pleasing on this gun.

You've got ambi controls. That includes an ambi mag release, which is very nice. I'm hitting that with my index finger. Don't know if you can see that well. Also an ambi slide release. You notice you've got it on the right side and the left side. Very cool.

It is hammer fired, so it is very similar to the 1911 that it is still hammer fired. And that is a very old design. Most modern firearms, of course, modern pistols, are either a striker fired, things along those guys, or they have like an internal hammer. They're not so much an external hammer that you see like that anymore.

But yeah, overall, the FNX I think is a great firearm. I love the trigger on it, too. Go ahead and show that off. And it's single action. You see, you have just a little bit of take up, a little bit of travel. Try to move that back to you guys just bit. But real light. Feels good. Reset on it, yeah, little long, has a little bit of travel, but it feels great for especially that combat type pistol. Huge fan, Picatinny rail, all of the good stuff.



Let's go ahead and move on to maybe a little SMG action. And of course I'm talking about the LWRCI SMG-45. This guy is a beautiful firearm. You can get it as a short barreled rifle or a pistol, and we don't have any to show you here, physically, because we gave them all the way in that breaks my heart, because I actually fell in love with this gun, And then I had to give it away. Multiple times.

Michael, are you watching? He's the guy that won our first SMG-45 giveaway. Let me know down in the comments where you're at. But anyway, if you're wanting to part with that, let me know.

The SMG-45 has a really neat operating system on it. It's fun to shoot suppressed. It takes HK UMP mags, and the HK UMP .45 is also a super cool gun, and we can kind of have those two and two together because they are so similar except in how they shoot.

Enough talking about them though. Let's actually show the SMG-45 in some action, both shooting unsuppressed and suppressed, because why the heck not. (silence)

So there it is, the Striker .45 in action for you. I mean, SMG-45. Go ahead and hit a like for all of our War Zone players there. And again, I absolutely love this gun. I don't love the price tag on it, because it is coming in at super expensive. It's like a $3,000 pistol. So I mean, it ain't cheap by any means, but it's a heck of a lot of fun and I highly recommend you at least going to shoot one. Trying to find one though, and that might be an issue. So good luck.


CMMG Banshee

Anyway, let's move on to our next. Keeping it with the PCC class of firearms, we've got the CMMG Banshee, and this thing is a heck of a lot of fun to shoot. First off, Picatinny rail all the way up top, so you can go ahead and mount whatever type of optics you want. Comes with this beautiful oversized bat wing looking ambi charging handle that CMMG has, and I like it a lot.

SBA3 brace on it, huge fan, but also what I really like is the operating system on this guy. It a radio delayed blow back system, and it's just so smooth to shoot, and yeah, chambered in .45. Threaded barrel. It comes in your standard .45 ACP thread pitch. So I have been able to take this guy out, shoot it suppressed a couple of times, shoot it unsuppressed. And I just love it every time I do. So that is the CMMG Banshee. In fact, I'm pretty sure we got some footage laying around of us shooting this guy, so we can take a look at that.

All right. That's enough of that three rounds unsuppressed. It's kind of boring, right? And let's go ahead and give a couple of shots now through this guy. Ooh. Excited to see how this sounds. Let's go for it. I don't know about y'all, but that's pretty quiet. Let's keep going. (silence)

Oh man. That's awesome. So yeah, shooting it, heck of a lot of fun. Great trigger, great grip. It's the MagPole, just standard MOE grip, which I am a huge fan of, too. And CMMG is just, they just make good stuff. That's all there is to it, all right?Oversize mag release, takes Glock mags. Everything you could ever ask for, am I right? So there we go.

CMMG Banshee


Let's go ahead and let's talk about another pistol. One that our HK fanboys are going to love. Next up to HK USP .45. No, it's not a Mark 23, that big freaking thing, which is also super cool. Don't have one of those in the house, but a honorable mention for sure. The Mark 23 is sweet. But I do have it's a little brother. This is the USP. It is a .45 ACP, obviously by, HK.

And what's cool about this guy is it's a short recoil design. So it has, where the barrel moves back, just about three millimeters of travel. I'll try to show this on camera the best that I can maybe. Anyway, you'll see where once the slide starts to move, so does the barrel, and then once the breach pretty much locks, and you'll see the barrel tilt kind of like this here, in a upward position, it's now locked in place, and that'll allow the slide to continue to move backwards, eject and chamber the next round. Pretty cool stuff.

And it also has a recall mitigation system in it, which is mostly just a spring around a guide rod. So kind of like what you see everywhere else now. But this gun is still in service today since it's first started at service in 1993, and it's a phenomenal pistol that feels great to shoot.

The only thing I don't like about this gun is HK throwing their proprietary mounting system on it. It's not Picatinny or anything like that, so you have to deal with that. Thanks HK, because you love us, right? But overall, really cool gun. I like the fit, the feel, the ergonomics behind this gun. It just feels really good. Oversize controls, too. It's a nice gun all right? And that of course is the, again, HK USP .45. Yeah, it's sweet.

H&K USP-45

Kriss Vector

All right. What do y'all say we finish this out with a sweet looking gun? The Kriss Vector. Now this might be an overrated gun for a lot of you guys out there. Go ahead and drop down in the comments section why you might think that is.

For me. I think this is a pretty fun gun to shoot quite a bit. Now what's cool about it is, it is a blowback gun, but they have what they call their revectoring recoil mitigation system, where it pretty much directs the recoil down from the shooter. And so that's why you have this big block of space on this gun, because the actual bolt travels back through here and then down and through here. Very simple gun to actually to disassemble and clean, and a lot of fun to shoot as well.

This is the enhanced model with their side folding pistol brace. And the enhanced model has a little bit longer barrel, but also, too, the extended rail. And it does have M lock options going up top, so if you wanted to do anything there, you can. That's a great spot for a flashlight, if you asked me. Just be careful about where your finger placement is.

The only thing I don't really like about those gun, really, is the thread pitch on the barrel. Not that big of a deal, I guess, but it's a 16.1 left-hand twist. It's not your standard .45 caliber thread pitch, which just upsets me because I can't find the piston for my Gemtech .45 that fits.

But overall, Kriss came out with this gun because, well, they thought they could do something pretty innovative and cool. And it is a neat gun. It is a lot of fun to shoot. The newer models, the second gens and all have a little bit better safety placement, I think. The older ones, it was digging right into my knuckle. That wasn't all that fun, but you know, that's okay. You kind of get used to it. But no, the newer ones are great. You can still shoot it while the stock, or excuse me, the brace is folded to the side. If you have the SBR model, you can throw the stock on it, of course. Or if you plan on getting the pistol and then SBRing it, you can. But yeah, overall really cool gun and definitely something that looks like some sort of a Space Force operator would use, right? Yeah, for sure.

Anyway, those are my top five picks for .45 ACP caliber firearms, other than 1911's. But since we're talking about 1911's, and this one specifically, would you guys like to see that as a giveaway, maybe in conjunction with this honorable mention .45 ACP Thompson? Because it's not everyday you get two gold, iconic firearms chambered in .45 like these two right here. And I just have feeling that Bonnie and Clyde are just... It just makes sense. Maybe for a Valentine's Day giveaway. What do y'all think? Let me know down in the comments section.

Kriss Vector


And of course the Thompson submachine gun as an honorable mention. But I got to tell y'all something. If I was a soldier storming the beaches of Normandy with this guy here, I don't think I'd be that happy. It's a heavy gun. You're going to have a pretty low range with this guy being .45 ACP.

And if you may have noticed those beaches, you're going to be looking at extending the distance on whatever type of firearms you're shooting. So an M1 Garand, something like that, maybe would be nice. Maybe even an M1 carbine would be preferred, simply because you could still get a decent enough effective range, but it's a lot lighter than this heavy boy, for sure. But it is a cool gun. I mean, it's just an iconic firearm. Man. And this one's gold. So yeah.

Anyway, that's going to be it for this video here. What guns did I miss out that are .45 ACP that you think is just completely terrible for me to have forgotten? I don't know. Let me know down to the comments, of course. And also, I want you guys to check out a gun that's not chambered in .45 ACP, but it is for free. Going to one of you guys viewing right now. This is our current giveaway, the Maxim Defense PDX. It is still chambered in an awesome caliber, 7.62x39, coming with the EOTech XPS3 [taco 00:12:38]. And yeah, this thing is super cool. We have a little bit of fun running and gunning with this guy. So check out our video announcing it as our giveaway, and make sure you're headed to to get all your entries in for this guy.

One of those entry methods is a code word. Code word for this one is Maxim. M--A-X-I-M. Don't miss out., hit that top banner and it'll show you all the different ways to get your entries.

God bless you guys. I'll see you down in the comment section, and we'll see you guys next time at

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